The first issue of Uncanny Avengers will be released in October, but that’s not the only major change at Marvel this Halloween. Nine titles are set to be cancelled, while Avengers #31 and #32 are listed as being the the beginning of Brian Michael Bendis’ “final explosive arc” on the series. The same applied for both New Avengers #31 and #32. Meanwhile, Avengers Assemble #8 is listed as being the last for Bendis and artist Mark Bagley and Journey Into Mystery #645 is sadly Kieron Gillen’s last issue as he “bids farewell” to the book. This October, the following titles will be coming to an end.

  1. -Captain America #19
  2. -Fantastic Four #611
  3. -FF #23
  4. -Incredible Hulk #15
  5. -Invincible Iron Man #527
  6. -New Mutants #50
  7. -The Mighty Thor #22
  8. -Uncanny X-Men #20
  9. -X-Men Legacy #275

This is perhaps out first indication that these titles will all be relaunched with new #1 issues between November and February. With rumours that we will see Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. on Captain America and Kieron Gillen and Greg Land on Iron Man, big changes are afoot over at Marvel. Unfortunately for cash-strapped comic book fans, many of the above titles will be double shipping in October, making it a VERY expensive month.

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