Last week was pretty crazy with work and also finally launching Geeks Unleashed. Geeks Unleashed is something I have been wanting to launch as far back as March this year but one thing lead to another and Geeks Unleashed was put on the back burner. Then last week we finally launched this site and our twitter too. The idea behind Geeks Unleashed is that it is a collaborative blog featuring news on reviews on comics, television, movies etc. There are already several writers on board with some already posting and others in the wings.

Last week I also got a chance to catch up on a couple of television shows and some comics, these were my highlights:

Being Human US

I’ve been a bit slow with watching the current season, not because I haven’t enjoyed it. The show just got away from me. I had a bit of a catch up session over the weekend.

I struggled to get into the British version of the show, which even disappoints myself being British but I found the American one far easier to get into and you can see the quality in this show. I love the dark tones of the show, the drama and characterisation of the three main character and even the recurring characters that pop up. Two recurring characters that I am particularly drawn to are Nora and Julia both love interests of the werewolf – Josh. The penultimate episode of season 2 which finally saw Josh come to the realisation that he had to be honest with Julia his former fiancé and at the moment he chose to finally be honest chaos ensured which led to Julia being hit by car. Josh had to leave her as he was becoming a werewolf – just your normal Friday. But when he returned the scene he saw Julia sitting there and went to hold her hand but she stopped him and he sat next to her they were finally honest with each other. It was an amazing scene in which Josh promises to make things work when Julia tells him it’s too late and the camera pans across the road to Julia’s dead body being lifted into the back of an ambulance and we realise that Julia is in fact a ghost. It was heart breaking scene especially as I as a viewer and begun to root for them as a couple of Nora. Then the last episode was pretty action packed especially the last ten minutes – Josh, Sally and Aidan are all on their own resolving their own story lines for the season leaving us hanging for each character. The ending definitely left wanting more. The last few seconds shows their empty house and then flicks to the radio and we hear Sally’s voice. Great ending to this season.

The Massive #1

Published by Dark Horse

Two things made me pick up this comic – the cover and the writer – Brian Wood. I am a big fan of Brian Wood’s work having read the DMZ.

Several great things about this comic stood out for outside of the story – there were no adverts through the story which was great as I find they can take you out of the story. Also once the story finished we had a captains log over two pages and some other written documents at the back of the book.

The inside cover starts with an introduction of the to the story which I can tell by the end of the issue is going to be a big story, this comes across as really well thought out and that in one issue we have barely scratched the service. The story follows Captain Callum Israel and his crew of the Kapital who are looking for their sister ship The Massive. The world has effectively come to an end after a year of major disasters and the planet has changed as a result. The comic is a mixture of present and past tense, the flashbacks fill the reader in enough to show the overall picture of this world and the crew. The art work by Kristian Donaldson is incredibly detailed and very realistic.

So if you are interested in one of those post-everything type stories which will probably be told over around 60  issues which contain a mixture of drama, intrigue and adventure then this is for you.

Thanks for stopping by Geeks Unleashed, enjoy the rest of your week.

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