So many big news stories came out of SDCC 2012 that the internet has blown up over the last few days. Huge announcements from all the big publishers came thick and fast and it looks like the coming 12 months are going to be really exciting for comics fans.

One story that caught my attention but perhaps didn’t receive the same amount of fanfare as announcements from DC, Marvel or Image was the news that IDW Publishing are planning a new series starring one of the UK’s best known and most popular characters Judge Dredd. It will be written by Birds of Prey writer Duane Swierczynski with art by Nelson Daniel. I’m not familiar with Daniel, but a quick look on his website reveals a talented illustrator with a nice clean style which I think will suit Dredd. Personally I like Swierczynski’s writing though I know he’s not to everyone’s taste. There’s also going to be back up pieces in each issue and covers by the likes of Whilce Portacio and Carlos Ezquerra!

Here’s the preview image:

Preview art from IDW’s Judge Dredd

IDW are probably best known for comic book versions of licensed properties such as Star Trek, Doctor Who and Transformers. I haven’t read any of these titles but I have read 30 Days of Night which is brilliant, and Locke and Key by Joe Hill has always been on my radar. They seem to have a good philosophy towards comics publishing, having a lot of talented writers and great independent titles, and I think they’ll make a Judge Dredd comic work outside the 2000AD world, and more importantly in the US where Dredd has traditionally struggled to connect with readers.

I for one will definitely be checking it out.

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  1. I agree, a lot of information came out over the weekend from the SDCC. I would love to be there next year.
    I also missed this news and I will probably add this to my ever growing list.

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