This might be a little bit late and not viewed very well as the new Batman film is nearly upon us but I thought I would do it regardless but I will keep it short.

First off in my opinion this was far superior than the original in almost every aspect.

The cast in the original: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, William Defoe.

The cast in the new: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans.
I feel that in the orignal Tobey Maguire made a fairly good Spider-Man but a terrible Peter Parker. He just didn’t connect to the part very well.
Andrew Garfield looked as if he was born to play this part. he made an excellent Spider-Man and a great Peter Parker, he looked the part, he looked geeky, he looked like he knew his stuff and he could kick butt. I thought that bringing in his webshooters was a good shout as the organic ones in the first film made for a good film point but was nothing to do with the actual Spider-Man story.

Emma Stone took to her part very well and I think it was far better than having another Mary Jane.

The Villain. Rhys Ifans was fantastic but so was William Defoe, in my opinion the best part of the original, he lured you in to make him like you then went crazy and made you hate him, then at the very end makes you like him again. Great actor, great emotion, great scenes.
The actual film in general I loved, there were only a few things that I thought to be weird. The love story between Peter and Emma, I thought progressed far too fast, although it didn’t drag in to over power the action, so it really was 6 and half a dozen. As I mentioned before I loved how they used mechanical webshooters as this is how it’s supposed to be. I refused to go and see it in 3D as I do with every film because I think it just a gimmick and does not bring any quality to the film, plus from watching the normal version, I only seen 2 scenes that would warrant a 3D film which was the 1st person views..
All in all I found this a great addition to the Spider-Man films and cannot wait for the second film.

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