Written: Brian K. Vaughan 

Art: Fiona Staples 

Published by Image Comics

In what was a pretty heavy Batman weekend with the Dark Knight Rises and most of this weeks stack being filled primarily with Batman titles, I guess it would seem a bit of shock to go with Saga. It wasn’t a shock to me though, although I would say this was probably not the strongest issue to have come out since the series began it was indeed the comic that stood out this week.

This is the first Comic Book of the Week for Geeks Unleashed and I am pleased that Brian K Vaughan’s Saga got to the top of the stack. I actually read this last as every time I have read Saga I am bold over by this comic that I wanted to give the others a chance to shine and Avengers Vs X-Men #8 came a close 2nd.This is the kind of comic that makes me wish I wrote comics and they were half as good as this. I’ve been a fan of BKV’s since Y-The Last Man. When I heard he was returning to comics I knew I would be picking this up and following this title. Now for those who of you haven’t picked this up but are familiar with Y-The Last Man you may remember that it had its adult moments and really crazy characters which included amazon’s which cut off one breast. This comic is like a fucked up version of Star Wars merged with Farscape and Romeo and Juliet.

Firstly there are characters with televisions for heads, a planet called Sextillion where you go for prostitutes, an eight legged naked bounty hunter called ‘The Stalk’. I could really go on about this crazy setting but its far more enjoyable to look at Fiona Staples incredibly well drawn world that she has created with BKV.

This issue picked up with our three stars Alana, Marko and their daughter Hazel surrounded and having to fight their way out. The issue also concentrated on the other bounty hunter ‘The Will’ who had given up trying to track down our three stars as ‘The Stalk’ is a very successful bounty hunter, this issue ‘The Will’ has rescued a six-year-old slave girl and is trying to rescue her.

I found myself with this issue incredibly more taken with the storyline of the bounty hunter rescuing a the child than the main stars as ‘The Will’ who is meant to be one of the villains of our story shows his heart and wants to rescue this child and trying to do so leads to the discovery that she will die if she leaves Sextillion unless ‘The Will’ buys her and to raise the funds he needs he is going to have to go back to hunting down our main stars.

This will lead the reader is future issues to being very torn on whether they get caught or not. This event should lead to a lot of friction and as reader feeling very conflicted.

Two other none story related that there is a letters page; you just don’t see these anymore and secondly there are no advertisements at all. Nothing to distract me from the story.

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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  1. Great review Mark. I’m glad to see Saga as pick of the week. I’m just catching up with the first few issues but I’m loving it so far. Also really good to see another creator-owned title getting so much love. Image are absolutely flying at the moment.

    1. Thanks Stephen. I’m really enjoying Saga. Every time I read it I think I wish I could write like this. If I was going to make comics then this is the kind of comic I would want to putting out there.

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