Warner Bros. Pictures

Cert (UK): 12A

Runtime: 164 mins

Directed: Christopher Nolan
Screenplay: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Story: David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan
Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman.

In 2005, Christopher Nolan gave the Batman movie franchise a well needed shot in the arm after the laughable George Clooney outing. They finally understood that Bruce Wayne was the disguise and Batman was who he really was. Batman Begins showed us who he was and how he came to be.

Then in 2008, The Dark Knight arrived. This took the Batman to new heights creatively and controversially. Two Academy Awards have been won for this movie and including Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for Heath Ledger.

2012, The Dark Knight Rises. The second most anticipated superhero movie of the year. In truth I had forgotten about The Dark Knight Rises due to my excitement of The Avengers, a movie franchise that we have been following through individual properties which all came to a head in May. Then about a week ago it was all systems go, I ensure my cinema tickets were booked for opening night. I had deliberately avoided the trailers of this movie as like many other movie goers I didn’t want to see ever the slightest spoiler.

Before the movie even began I felt excitement knowing that I would be treated to a preview of next years Man of Steel, then the movie kicked off to what was quite a violent introduction to the Bane character. This is now my third time to have come across the character of Bane. Firstly in the original storyline in Knightfall, which I read in graphic novel form and secondly in the dire Batman and Robin when Bane was used poorly. Thomas Hardy’s version of the character did the Knightfall version justice. The opening scene showed us how brutal and deadly a nemesis Bane was going to be. Thomas Hardy was masterful as Bane, he created a truly believable villain and left me feeling uneasy throughout the movie which was truly his job.

After this we pick up in Gotham which we later discover is 8 years after the death of Harvey Dent and that his death has been used to bring peace to the streets of Gotham under the “Dent Act”, which also resulted in the end of Batman. Batman hasn’t been seen in 8 years and neither has Bruce Wayne. Bruce has given up life and has become a shadow of man who has all but given up, it takes Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle meeting with Bruce to spark his interest and bring from his attic dwelling to the Bat Cave.

Before going to see this film I had already preconceived ideas of this version of Catwoman, I was hoping for a more Michelle Pfeiffer type Catwoman and had already dismissed this version and hoped I could bare with her for the duration. I am happy to hold my hands up and say I was wrong. This Catwoman; is sexy, intelligent and even scene stealing. There was something in those eyes and that smile that made me pause.

Unfortunately Selina Kyle not only brings Bruce Wayne out of hiding but also leads Batman to Bane. During the fight first meeting of the villain and the hero I knew it wouldn’t be easy especially if they followed the Knightfall road. “I wondered which part of you would break first. Your soul or your body.” – This quote sums up their first meeting.

As a bit of a movie geek one of the things I loved about the final part of this trilogy; this was a true trilogy in every sense of the word. We all know the rules of a trilogy and this brought us twists and turns that went back to Batman Begins. One of the biggest twists of the film I won’t dare write so that you have no idea what or when it will happen but it was perfect.

As a conclusion of the trilogy all this was the absolutely the right way to end this series and it felt like an ending although letting us know that life goes on for Gotham City.

If I could have my way I would see Christian Bale done the mask again but it seems that another reboot is heading our way for those people who do reboot it I feel sorry for you; you have giant Batman boots to fill.

 Five out of Five. 

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