So episode one set the scene, Sinbad sailed away on a boat. Did episode one do the job? I am not sure. I decided to stick with it as Sky have made big promises and have spent a lot of money on this. So there no harm is there?

 So where was he going? Who’s character will unfold? who has a secret? I am not one for writing specifics because lets face it, if you’re reading this its either a) because you want to know if its worth your time or b) your a die hard fan! So I will not be giving away any spoilers.

 I am hoping for more story, more promises and much more authenticity. That was my main worry with this show because how much money can be spend on providing a show where we all have our own imaginary worlds and how much money does it take to satisfy everyone? Just like when you read a book, its made into a movie then it’s ruined because no movie can match up to the book in your head.

 Episode two – Queen of the Water Thieves

This was different, a brilliant follow up episode. This episode was full of an army and a queen. Lots of body paint was used here and it was quite amazing! However it reminded me a bit of the jungle for whatever reason? Never mind. Sophie Okonedo plays the Queen and she does so very well whilst the show was stolen by a big flying bird. Or a giant budgie. Not sure what this was meant to achieve but to be quite honest the close ups of this creature were great, the far distant flying over the sea not so great! I am slightly disappointed in the effects in this episode and to be honest this bird saving the day malarky was kinda to clique for me are Sky ever going to mix it up a little? Lets hope so!

Episode 3 – House of Games.


The only things I have to say are – much much better, more interesting however It was rather Tim Burton like. It has a very dark disney feel to it. Basically can Sinbad gamble to save his life? Rina (Marama Corlett) shines in this one. I know her plan, its rather evident from the start but provides a nice yet small twist. The episodes seem to be taking on a new story with always the same ending – Sinbad walks free – well not exactly walks, more carried to his ship. Yes I know this is how the story goes but we all know the story don’t we? Can episode 4 change this? I am hoping so as this episode ends with “I had a bother……..”

Episode 4 review coming soon.

 Please comment below if you have watched Sinbad, what did you think?


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