After the drip-feed of the past few days the Marvel Now roller-coaster is gathering pace. CBR and USA Today have both had new teasers today revealing new creative teams and setting the internet alight with speculation.

Some of the teasers are more obvious than others. First up, CBR had this one:

Si Spurrier and artist Tan Eng Huat take on an X-Men title? There has also been speculation that this could be an Avengers or Young Avengers title. Any ideas?

USA Today had a couple of teasers as well. First up is this one:

This one is a little easier. It looks like Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley are taking on the Fantastic Four.

Matt Fraction is also linked with fan favourite artist Mike Allred in the second teaser on USA Today:

Could this be linked to the Family teaser above? Possibly a new take on the Future Foundation? I think any title with Allred art will be one to watch.

Lastly, Ifanboy had an exclusive teaser today which is perhaps the easiest one to work out. It is certainly the one that has got the most attention today:

No prizes for this one. Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. on a new Captain America title. This one has been confirmed recently by Remender on Twitter.

So, the relaunch that is not a relaunch gathers pace. Will there be any more announcements? Are we sick of them yet? Let us know your thoughts so far.




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  1. Re-reading this again I realise how excited I am for this reboot/relaunch over at Marvel. I have been out of the loop with most Marvel titles for a while now so I am seeing this as them rolling out the red carpet.

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