Cover for Thor #1 by Esad Ribic

Following the numerous teasers released by Marvel over the past week for it’s re-launched titles under the Marvel Now banner, the creative teams have been revealing a little more detail about their ideas for the characters and the direction they will be going in.

Of course we’re excited for all the new titles that have been announced so far, and we’ll be sure to bring you as many previews and reviews as we can, the closer it gets to the publication dates.

One of the titles I’m particularly looking forward to is Thor, written by Jason Aaron, with art by Esad Ribic. I’m a huge fan of Aaron’s work on Scalped and I’m hoping that he’ll bring some of the fire of his writing for that title to Thor. If this quote from Aaron is anything to go by it is certainly going to be huge in scope.

“What I’m trying to do with Thor is just focus in on his character, on who he really is, but in as epic a way as possible. Thor, by definition, demands stories of a grand scale, so yeah, this one spans millennia, from the Viking Age to the far flung future. And it takes us all across the Marvel U as well, from Earth to the far corners of space, from all new otherworldly cities of gods to an Asgard like we’ve never seen before.”

I’ve never read a Thor title before, but this one I will definitely be checking out.

Read the interview with Aaron and Ribic here – MarvelNow

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