Muzy AppPhotography and social networking seem to go hand in hand these days. So meet the new kid on the block, Muzy. It’s a different kind of app. One with something to prove, and has many surprising uses that I’ve not come across before. Not all in the same place, anyway. It’s advertised as a collage app but we’re actually given much more than that. Essentially this is photo blogging for your creative side. Like Instagram if it had in app editing tools. Now, the process I’ve always gone for is to take a photo, run it through all my favorite editing apps and then upload it to Instagram. Muzy almost eradicates the need to do this. We’ve got a one stop shop for creating, editing and sharing images!

Muzy Swans Kerry Lambert

Inside you’ll find access to other apps and more. You can take a photo and simply upload it, use your own images to make a collage or run it through Aviary‘s filters and effects. There’s even an in app ColourSplash type function where you can grey out an image and then zoom in and select different parts to remain in colour while the rest stays black and white. This is very fiddly to do and takes a lot of practice. I’d personally still rather use an app specifically designed for this process.

All in all it’s a good little app but it’s certainly not going to impact the world the way Instagram did. It is totally FREE so you may as well give it a go yourself. Check it out here.

Swan photos taken by Kerry Lambert

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