Marvel have revealed more details about one of their flagship titles – one that features arguably their most recognisable character – a certain Captain America. It’s part of the Marvel Now line of re-launched titles we have been bringing you details of all week.


Written by star writer Rick Remender and drawn by undisputed heavyweight artist John Romita Jr, the new Captain America will delve behind the stars, stripes and shield to explore the character of Steve Rogers.

In an interview Remender describes his vision for the title:

It’s almost like “Kirby Sci-Fi Indiana Jones.” High adventure dipped in sci-fi spy fantasy with heavy focus on the man under the suit. Steve’s fabric and his relationships drive our story and the action is the byproduct. Tonally it’s very serious. You want to make sure the characters go up against things that feel like real threats and [put] them into interesting situations. It’s a lot less of the connection with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the spy work and more big high adventure super hero stuff with sci-fi that I tend to lean into.

Like much of the Marvel Now titles this is one I will definitely be checking out. By the looks of that cover I reckon you should too.

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