It has been reported that American comic book artist Joe Kubert has passed away on the 12th August 2012. Dave Gibbons has confirmed that at 85 years old Joe has passed away. Both his sons Andy and Adam Kubert are also well-known successful comic book artists.

Best known for his work with DC Comics on characters Sgt. Rock and Hawkman as well as founding the Kubert School and even now Before Watchmen: Nite Owl limited series is on the stands with son Andy and on October 31st Joe Kubert Presents anthology series from DC Comics is released which is a six issue mini series. Joe told the SOURCE: “This is it. I’ll be doing Hawkman, Spit, The Redeemer, Sgt. Rock and The Biker in this 6-issue anthology. In addition, the book features the wonderful talents of Sam Glanzman and Brian Buniak. I had a blast doing it. I hope it blows you away.”

Joe is a true legend in the comic industry and will be truly missed by his family, friends and his legion of fans.


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  1. Such sad news. A real comic book legend. My thoughts are also with his family and friends.

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