I met Seasick Mama at a ranch known as the House Of Creatives in Austin, Texas during SXSW this year. The venue was adorned with antlers and huge stuffed animals. This odd setting was the perfect place to see her perform. Her music is weird and wonderful and her image is quirky… Welcome to her world.

Seasick Mama

GeeksUnleashed: Tell us a bit about yourself and your music?

Seasick Mama: I started writing my first record, Dead Like Money, with producer Mark Turrigiano last year. Together, we are currently re-writing the EP because over the past two years my style has evolved. I am still discovering ways to sing and how I feel comfortable sounding. Before, I was screaming, pushing, and a bit out of control. Now, I feel comfortable sounding pretty and pleasant and letting whatever listeners I have hear my stories.

GU: You’re into more than just music. Where else does your focus lie?

SM: When I first moved to New York City I was trying to do a little bit of everything. I was really trying to figure out what I loved to do. Dipping my hands in every pot, photography, film, graphic design, yoga, whatever. But since I have discovered music, I can’t get enough. I can’t stop. Right now, at this very moment in my life, music is all I have.

Seasick Mama

GU: You’re the brains behind the “House of Creatives”. Can you explain what that is?

SM: The House of Creatives is an innovative project born from the idea of collaboration in artistic expression. The House of Creatives brings musicians, photographers, filmmakers, models, actors, and tastemakers together under one roof to share and inspire their different forms of artistic fulfillment. From its conception, the House of Creatives has become the singular resource for collective artistry, ultimately opening the doors to a new, creative lifestyle.

Seasick Mama, House of Creatives

GU: Who are your musical influences?

SM: To name a few, Tom Waits, E.S.G., LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and Our Mountain.

GU: Do you work alone when writing?

SM: Absolutely not. Collaboration is the best fucking process. I have worked with some extremely talented musicians the past few months, in both Los Angeles and New York City. Working with another talent is a great exchange.

GU: You’re known as an intensely creative person. What do you do to keep the creativity flowing and does it ever dry up?

SM: Of course there are times when I feel a bit “dry” or uninspired. These things occur naturally with everything you do. When I want to get the creativity flowing again, I typically find inspiration from relationships and people that I am emotionally connected to. I will call an old boyfriend or try to make mends with friendships that have gone sour. Fighting, crying, laughing, basically just getting in touch with “how i feel” is a good exercise.

Seasick Mama

GU: Your debut E.P. “Dead Like Money” is due out this year on No Shame records. When can we expect to see it released?

SM: We are going to release the EP in October during the CMJ Music Festival!

GU:Any plans to come to the UK in the future?

SM: I foresee at European tour in 2013 🙂

GU: What’s next for Seasick Mama?

SM: Right now I’m working on a full length LP. It’s going to be totally different.

Check out Seasick Mama’s song ‘Pumping’ here

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Image disclaimer: I’m happy to give credit where credit is due. email me Kerry [at] artisanrecords .co.uk

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