If you aren’t already super excited about the relaunch of several key Marvel titles under the Marvel Now banner, maybe the release of these amazing Skottie Young variant covers will change that.

Bleeding Cool got the scoop on this news. Following Young’s extremely popular variant cover for Avengers vs X-Men #1, Marvel has revealed several variant baby covers planned for a huge chunk of the Marvel Now titles.

I love Skottie Young’s art and as such this news is very exciting for me. It has taken me ages to write this post because I’ve just been staring at the covers. I love the Thor one and the Deadpool one, but I think my favourite is the cover for All New X-Men #1. Brilliant.

Here they are in all their glory. What’s your favourite?

Update 27/10/2012 – Marvel has released more Skottie Young variant covers for Captain America, FF, Thunderbolts, and Cable And X-Force. Click this link to take a look when you’ve finished marveling at the covers below.

All New X-Men
A + X #1
Iron Man
Fantastic Four
Uncanny Avengers

All photos  © Marvel Comics.

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    1. Uncanny Avengers is great – I love Baby Wolverine! Also just noticed the speech bubble on the Deadpool cover – cheeky!

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