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When we left our Grimmsters last season our leading man Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli) was battling Akira Kimura – the man responsible for the death of Nick’s parents. At the close of season 1 the mysterious woman in black ends up stabbing Kimura and reveals to Nick that she is in fact his mother. Talk about a cliffhanger. Season 2 of Grimm picks up exactly where it left off.

Nick’s reunion with his mother is tension filled and awkward – the way it should be. He wants to know where she’s been for the last 18 years and she wants to know who sold her out to the ‘Dragon’s Tongue.’ Neither can answer the other. In fact Nick doesn’t even know what the Dragon’s Tongue is. None of us do. I’m sure we’ll find out.

It took me most of Season 1 to truly become a fan. I must confess I only continued to watch after the first 3 episodes because I had a huge celebrity crush on Sasha Roiz who plays Captain Sean Renard. Thank you Mr. Roiz – because of you I now have a new favorite show. Only two episodes into Season 2 and the show has achieved a new edge that makes it much more appealing. Guiuntoli seems much more confident in his role as our dashing hero and though some of the fight scenes are still weak it’s an improvement from Season 1.

The writers have also given us a clue as to what and who Captain Sean Renard is. Towards the end of Episode 2, “The Kiss” we learn that Captain Renard is one of the first revealed hybrid wesen. As Roiz mentions in an interview he’s the product of a royal Father and a hexenbiest mother. His transformation in the episode was well executed. Since Renard is royalty he’s our Prince Charming and wakes up our sleeping beauty (Juliette – Nick’s girlfriend). It will be interesting to see if Juliette falls for the Captain or eventually remembers Nick.

Monday’s episode (Airs 9/10 ct on NBC) will be just as fast paced and exciting as Hank, Nick’s partner, will learn the truth about exactly what Nick is. The video may be misleading, but I hope not. Stay tuned as I’ll have a recap sometime next week.

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