With the beginning of the 2012-2013 Fall Network TV season we have to say goodbye to some shows that didn’t survive last season. Some of them I saw coming. Others I was surprised by. And yet others I wanted to start my own “Save <insert show here>” campaigns. Without further ado here are the shows we won’t be seeing this season.

Photo Credit: (c) 2012 FOX


Before I begin to dispense my beliefs about the shows Fox has cancelled I must say they are notorious for cancelling decent shows and shows by Joss Whedon (Firefly anyone?)

  • Alcatraz: Before I watched the first episode I was skeptical. I thought the show sounded terrible and tried to understand how this would work. Alcatraz had Lost-esque potential. It was an amazing show with a tight plot and fantastic actors. I was saddened when I learned that there wasn’t another network willing to pick up the show. I guess I’ll never know why the ‘63s were coming back from the rock.
  • Allen Gregory: This show never appealed to me. Then again I’m not much into cartoon’s anymore.
  • Breaking In: Never watched the show. In fact I didn’t know it existed until now and it sounded similar to Better Off Ted.
  • The Finder: I caught an episode and it looked promising. I was completely lost, but that’s because I didn’t know any of the characters. I always feel bad when a show doesn’t make it and not many of the shows FOX has coming on look all that promising whereas this one didn
  • House: This saddened my friend, but it was just time.
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter: The title alone turns me off. Just wasn’t humorous enough.
  • Napoleon Dynamite: The movie was a fluke. It can’t be replicated. Shame on you FOX for even trying.
  • Terra Nova: SAVE TERRA NOVA! I liked this show. It took me a bit to fall in love with the characters, but I liked the show. And I think a great TV show always takes a few episodes to get into. I think you are going to kick yourselves FOX.
Photo Credit: (c) 2012 ABC


  • Charlie’s Angels: I never watched the show, though I’m tired of remakes so I’m not entirely sad to see it go.
  • Desperate Housewives: I have yet to finish watching the final season, but I was a fan. It was time for the ladies of Wysteria Lane to hang up their aprons, but never-the-less I’ll miss them.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: I much preferred this edition to the new Weightloss Edition, but I understand that building homes like they did in this economy is not conducive.
  • GCB: This is one of the shows I wanted to do a campaign for. It was funny and the cast was fantastic. I really think ABC should have given this show one more season.
  • Man Up!: I don’t even know what this show was! I don’t think ABC even advertise this show. I guess it was about 3 men trying to toughen up. Doesn’t sound like something I would have watched anyways.
  • Missing: Again ABC did little advertising for this show. I didn’t watch an episode thought it’s in my Hulu queue.
  • Pan Am: This show was a huge hit at my job. My co-workers loved it. Again I never watched it, but the previews looked good. This was ABC’s response to Mad Men and they just didn’t give it enough time.
  • The River: “The crew of a research vessel are on a quest to find a missing TV explorer in the Amazon.” (IMDB 2012) That doesn’t even sound remotely appealing to me. No wonder it lasted only 8 episodes. I’m seeing a pattern that I didn’t watch many of ABC’s shows last season. Ooops.
  • Work it: “Centers on two unemployed car salesmen who realize that they are living in a woman’s world, so they decide that to find work again, they must dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps. By doing so, it makes them better men, husbands and fathers, but also makes them appreciate the sanctuary of their nights at the bar where they can be themselves.” (IMDB 2012). Seriously? Who is working over at ABC? They actually thought this would work in 2012. I’m sorry this not only out-dated, but just ridiculous.
Photo Credit: (c) 2012 CBS


CBS is not a favorite network of mine. They cancelled Moonlight, which was a fantastic show (though we wouldn’t have O’Loughlin in Hawaii Five-O).

  • CSI: Miami: So many people liked this off shoot of the popular original CSI, but I didn’t. David Caruso as well as Emily Procter annoyed the crap out of me. Caruso’s dramatic pauses and over dramatic taking off of his glasses made the show completely unbearable at times. The show had its moments, but I’m not going to miss it. That department had some serious ethics issues.
  • A Gifted Man:  This show looked like it had potential, but I can’t be more specific than that. It reminded me of The Mentalist and Patrick Wilson is no Simon Baker.
  • NYC 22: I shouldn’t be writing right now about this, but I’m tired of crime dramas focused solely on cops. There are other people who work in the law enforcement profession and I’d like to see more shows about them. Just saying.
  • Rob: Two words. Rob Schneider. Enough said.
  • Unforgettable: A former NY detective rejoins the NYPD to solve crimes. *headàdesk* Unforgettable  was unforgettable which was sad because I like Poppy Montgomery.
Photo Credit: (c) 2012 NBC


  • Are you there Chelsea?: I’m not a fan of Chelsea Handler so I wasn’t a fan of the show.
  • Awake: Again I’m tired of cop shows. Really, truly, and honestly. They aren’t even original anymore.
  • Best Friends Forever: It’s sad to see a good comedy go.
  • Chuck: I participated in several “Save Chuck” campaigns. I’m glad that the cast and show producers ended their show on their terms. It was a great series.
  • The Firm: I hate when a series based on a book fails because I want my own book to be made into a movie or a TV series and this show looked promising.
  • Free Agents: A poorly written romantic comedy. Not sad to see it go.
  • Harry’s Law: This was actually a refreshing, albeit occasionally annoying, law drama. On the fence on whether I’m happy or sad to see it go.
  • The Playboy Club: I turned an episode off 10 minutes in. It just wasn’t my style, though I heard good things from friends and family. So I think NBC should have given it a second season.
  • Prime Suspect: I know earlier I said that I was tired of cop dramas, but I will miss Prime Suspect. It seemed like the first real police drama out there. Some of the interactions between officers were similar to what I’ve seen in departments. So it was refreshing and the cast phenomenal. You will be missing out NBC.
The Secret Circle
Photo Credit: CW/IMDB.com (c) 2012


I don’t watch CW. For the longest time I didn’t have access to it so I won’t be commentating on any of the cancelled shows. Now that I have access to CW I will be able to comment on next season’s cancellations.

  • H8R
  • One Tree Hill
  • Remodeled
  • Ringer
  • The Secret Circle

What shows are you going to miss?

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  1. There is some good news – Unforgettable was cancelled but they have brought it back for a second season for the 2013 summer season for 12 episodes, this was a cancellation I didn’t get. It had good numbers and was a fairly decent cop drama.
    Secret Circle, Pan Am, Alcatraz and Terra Nova are all brilliant shows and should never have been cancelled.
    I will also be waiting for my new favourite shows to get the chop!

    1. I’d give “Unforgettable” a chance if they had the first season anywhere. I can’t find the first season on Hulu or Netflix and the only video I can find on CBS.com is their clips and the season finale. Hopefully as the second season nears it’ll go up on Netflix or Hulu.

      It’s hard getting into new shows in their first year because you become so invested just to have the shows cancelled. Wonder which ones won’t make it this year.

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