Think Tank #2 © Top Cow Productions

Following our recent interview with Matt Hawkins – Top Cow president/chief operating officer and co-creator/writer of the new on-going series Think Tank – GeeksUnleashed.Me is lucky enough to have been given an advance look at issue #2 of the hit new series.

I really enjoyed the first issue of this intelligent, intriguing comic and I was eagerly awaiting the second instalment. Think Tank is heavy on the science but not to a point where it takes over the story. Hawkins drops just enough science to propel the narrative and explain the ideas that are central to the story.

In issue #2 we are given more information on the protagonist Dr David Loren and how he came to be where he is right now – a scientist employed by the US Government in the pursuit of developing new defence and weapons technology. Loren is a classically conflicted character. He is highly intelligent and compelled to create cutting edge technology yet he is struggling to reconcile this with the devastating consequences his technology has when it is put to use by the US military. This conflict is identified by the current ‘bad guy’ of the series Colonel Harrison, in a great scene where Harrison lays down the law and attempts to tell Loren exactly who’s in charge. It becomes clear within a few panels that Loren doesn’t exactly agree with Harrison’s assessment.

Rahsan Ekadel’s art really shines here and throughout this issue. I like the black, white and grey tones of Think Tank, and I think it really works well for this series.

Loren has realised that he can’t continue to work for DARPA and he has a plan to get out. He knows he can’t just leave because he has too many military secrets in his head. The only way out is to escape. But how do you escape from a high-security military establishment which is designed to keep intruders out and employees in? Well, Dr Loren has a plan. We learn that some of his projects which had apparently failed are in fact fully functional and he has been keeping them back for use in his escape. We know it is not going to be easy. He also has the added complication of rescuing the girl that he met in the first issue, who is being held by the military.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out how Loren is planning to rescue the girl and escape from the facility. I can’t wait for issue #3.

Read the interview with Matt to see some pages from issue #2!

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