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For those of you who read my previous article ‘Breaking Bad: Getting Bad?’, I predicted that due to the slow start of Season 5, I could only really see things going two ways;  either an overindulgence and unnecessary 5th outing or an essential build up culminating in what could potentially be the finales to end TV show finales.

Well, things are starting to heat up. And I say – starting to. For sure, the new Season of Breaking Bad seems to be back on course and I can’t wait to see how it pans out, but there does still seem to be something…lacking.

Peek-a-boo! – © AMC

The whole storyline involving Skyler and her ‘breakdown’ I find fundamentally boring and could easily be glazed over, freeing up airtime for more exciting characters. I can only guess that the writers have something planned involving her later in the series, and as such, are trying to create some sort of emotional connection to her before things go down. But if I hear how she wants the kids out of the house one more time…There have also been some inconsistencies for me so far this season. Walter doesn’t seem… like Walt anymore. I mean, he still is Walter but it’s a bit like when you see an old friend who you haven’t seen for a long while and they just seem different. Here are two examples:

Walter just seems a lot more callous and cold-hearted in this Series. Walt has always had principles and values. One could argue that his adversaries have lacked these qualities and this has aided Walt’s rise to power. It seems that the deeper Walt goes in creating the ‘Empire’ which he speaks to Jessie about, the more he is willing to compromise his values in order to succeed. Although the shooting of the boy on the dirt bike initially seems to upset Walt, he certainly didn’t seem too bothered about it; whistling a nice little number when starting the next cook.

Desert Talks – © AMC

What really struck me as particularly ‘unWaltlike’ (definitely NOT a word) was when he shelled out for a new ride, not just for him, but for Walt Jr too. This completely flies in the face of Walt’s previous standard procedure of keeping a very normal public front in order to not raise any suspicions. Why is he taking these risks? Why is he behaving in this way? He definitely doesn‘t want to be caught but he certainly is playing a dangerous game. Perhaps the writers are trying to demonstrate that Walt is a changed man now, and although he thinks in his own mind that he has won, there is more to come. Potentially his downfall?


The main event for me so far this season is the demise of Mike. Mike has certainly been a key character in Breaking Bad, outside of Walt and Jessie, and possibly my favourite of the whole show. A good guy at heart, I have really liked the character’s, for want of a better word, ‘hardness‘. Although a character with a conscience, Mike will not hesitate to pop a cap in someone’s ass if they deserve it. And we have seen plenty of caps popped in this show.Breaking Bad isn’t all about explosions and gunfights; there are plenty of mind games between the characters but some of the best moments for pure entertainment value have been when things come to a head in a pretty bombastic fashion. The showdown between Walt and Mike was a pretty low-key affair in comparison to others, and I must say I was left feeling a bit flat as Mike really brought both brawn and brains to the table in Breaking Bad. I thought he deserved a better send off.

So here we are, halfway or thereabouts through Season 5. Walt seems to be losing it. Mikes a goner. Saul is as entertaining as ever and Jessie is having some sort of spiritual awakening, seemingly having the largest conscience out of everyone. A slow start surely to the season, but also plenty of oats sown which I am still confident will grow into a mega-finale. We can see the seedlings coming through, now I just want a bit more ACTION!


In the meantime – All Hail The King!

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