Google penguin is coming to haunt every person who is somehow associated with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The good thing is that writers, like me, may love it. The content and writing skills will be high ranked, among other points, for Google.

Whenever a new blogger starts his blog, or anyone starts a new website, they are always concerned about two major things whether they know it or not. First, there’s the source traffic (where the viewers are coming from), and second, there are backlinks, which makes sure their site is achieving good ranking among search engines. So the question is,what is this Article Submission, and how can it  provide better ranking and traffic to your website?

When you talk about SEO processes, this Article Submission is considered an important method to generate backlinks. So many professional writers and companies that offer SEO services work on submitting the articles to well-known article directories to increase the backlinks for any business website or blog. If you are running a site and still have no idea about Article Submissions, then you need to start thinking about giving some time to understanding this concept.

Backlinks are a very important factor for search engines and for their evaluation, and many techniques in the industry have evolved to get higher rankings. The technique of Article Submission has the website owner submit their content/articles to various article directories and can then have the backlink in the author section, meaning that your website gets traffic by people who are interested enough in your article to visit your actual site. That is done by getting a free account in article directories. It is a well-known fact that getting good backlinks is not an easy job. Writing articles for free article directories can be a highly positive prospect rather than looking to buy a few backlinks from different sources.

Well, that was all about why and how Article Submission is considered a favorite part of SEO, but I have my own viewspoints about it. You may not agree, but I am sure you will find some logic behind this.

  1. In my opinion, if you have written something special or you feel can excite people, then you should post that article on your own blog/website. I don’t find any logic in putting your best work on any other site.
  2. Normally, when you write for your own site, and then share that on social network, it actually promotes your personal blog/site, not the directory that the article is featured in. But, in the case of Article Submission, the people from your social network will be visiting the site the article is featured on, not yours. Think about it.
  3. It’s the same case with people coming from different sites. If they like your writing skills and decide to share it, then the article directory site will get more views as compared to your own blog/site.
  4. You all know about the importance of search engines’ submissions. Imagine, you are writing on article directory sites, all your articles will be added in search engines with the article directory site’s links. Your personal blog/site will never be added in search engines with your work.

So what should be done?

  1. Always try to post good and interesting articles on your personal blog/site.  The other work can be written on the article sites. Choose your best work for your own blog.
  2. When you publish any of your work at one site, don’t submit it on any other sites. This will help you get the best results from SEO. There is no use of multiple copies of submissions. Only one copy will be added in search engines, and it will have more value. And, if someone else links your work, then it is fine because it will go back to your site and not the directory
  3. If you are submitting your articles to any site which gives you dofollow links, then try to give your blog/site link in your signature rather than mentioning it in the context of the article. The logic behind this is that article sites like Ezine and others make those links nofollow so it will lose its value. In addition to this, putting link in signature gives it much more professional look.

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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