So this week on the Wednesday Watchlist, I have to say I found it slightly hard this week to choose. There isn’t any big events unless you count DC Comics one month-long issue #0 month so in the end I narrowed it down three titles I would definitely be picking up:

The first one made comic of the week several weeks back – Harvest #2:

© Image Comics

This is the second part of a part mini series by the team of AJ Lieberman Colin Lorimer who both set a very eerie world in which our characters reside. This is a story of organ harvesting and not for the lighthearted. The story is compelling and the art work draws you. The is a definite must read for me this week.

Next up this Mind the Gap #4 from Image comics, we recently previewed the first few pages:

© Image Comics

This is from the team of Jim McAnn, Rodin Esquejo and Sonia Oback. I was one of those morons who came into this late and recently picked up the first three beautiful issues and read them all last week. The title “Mind The Gap” as a Londoner struck me as I am very used to hearing those words on the underground although this really has nothing to do with the London Underground system and is very much a mystery story about a girl called Elle who is attached and now her mind and her body are separate. Elle now doesn’t remember anything that happened and is trying to get her thoughts together while her friends and family do the same. There is also an intriguing subplot with a couple; one is a doctor and the other a police officer. I could quite easy imagine this as a television series.
That’s it for me this week. What will you be picking up?

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