With the start of Season 3 of TWD on the horizon (and Halloween really not that far off now), anyone can be forgiven for getting into a Zombie mood – fortunately for most of us this usually manifests itself as sitting bleary eyed at our desks on a Monday morning.

If you are concerned that you or indeed, someone you care about may be turning into a Zombie then please refer to our snappy guide – How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.


So, The Walking Dead. Just a quick update really peeps on what we can be expecting in the new Season. We have already seen the Prison where we think at least the beginning of the Season will be based and have glimpsed one of the new characters leading two ‘armless (hee hee) and chained Zombie prisoners.

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But word now on the Zombie infested streets is that a key character from the group will be killed off early on in the new Season. We have already seen Shane go down who to me was pretty much the biggest role in the show, after Rick of course, so we know that main characters certainly can meet their comeuppance.

Who do you think it might be, if the rumour mill is to be believed? Comments always appreciated here on GeeksUnleashed.Me…

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  1. People like to be taken by surprise and be shocked and although people don’t always like their favourite characters being killed off you have to wonder whether it could be Lori even though she’s pregnant the Walking Dead isn’t the kind of show to pull their punches and this is a Zombie survival horror TV show not Dawsons Creek.

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