In this edition of What’d I Miss we take a look at Doctor Who and Grimm. Both shows were utterly amazing as always. Let’s start out with Grimm since it was on Monday. I meant to post a review shortly after, but oops. You forgive me, right?

(c) 2012 NBC Grimm
“Okay that warrants a “how the hell did it do this?!” – Monroe
Adalind’s cat escapes it’s cage and the spice shop. Look out Portlandees.

(1)    Grimm Quill – Episode 0204

In the fourth episode of season 2 our Grimmsters are still fighting the good fight or some resemblance of the good fight. The yellow plague or better known in the Grimm world as fluvus pestilential has arrived in Portland. Symptoms of the yellow plague, which only affect Wesen, are similar to that of our dear undead zombies with the extra added bonus of being extremely love sick at the onset of the disease. From the previews of the episode we know that Rosalee will be our character afflicted by the disease, but we don’t know how that is until Monroe invites her out to a picnic.

(c) 2012 NBC Grimm
Monroe and Rosalee having a little “Monroe-mance” picnic in the woods.

I’ve never been to Portland so I don’t know if it’s common for people to picnic in the middle of the woods, but to each their own I guess. The woods are beautiful so maybe I would drive out to the middle of nowhere for a picnic too. Our third infected Wesen, a Park Ranger, is trying to go about his business when the disease over takes him and he chases after Rosalee and Monroe who were just trying to have a little “Monroe-mance” in the woods. The pair think they got out unscathed, but once back at the spice shop they learn Rosalee was scratched by the infected Wesen. Of course there is some heavy petting and kissing before they learn this.

(c) 2012 NBC Grimm
Captain Renard receives a call from his cousin that the family has sent a Nucklavee to take out Nick. Sources claim that a Nucklavee is some sort of nasty horse like Wesen.

So Nick is trying to hunt down the infected Wesen while Monroe is trying to save Rosalee. Then there is our good Captain Renard who receives a phone call from his cousin telling him that a Nucklavee is enroute to Portland to take out Nick and retrieve the key. All I have to say is good fracking lord when will we learn more about the Captain? That bit is getting a tad annoying and I like Captain Renard, he’s one of my favorite characters in the show because he’s so mysterious, but you can only stretch it out so much. I honestly am starting to get the feeling that the writers don’t necessarily know what to do with the character.

And that leads me to my next bit of disappointment. You all know I’m an avid fan. I’ve made that clear, but this season I’m unhappy with the writing. I don’t know if they’ve added new writers or what, but it’s been a bit subpar lately. Oh well. Maybe it’s just me, but they go from Hank being all on edge to being perfectly fine with the fact that Wesen exist. I think someone needs to refill their prescriptions.

(c) 2012 NBC Grimm
A downtrodden Wu reflects on shooting a woman infected with the yellow plague.

This episode was a little all over the place. Sergeant Wu shoots a zombiefied woman (the second infected Wesen), but then they kind of push the fact aside. Wu is another underwritten character. The writers need to start realizing this or the show is going to quickly lose viewers.

I’ve been rambling so I’m going to stop there. Grimm doesn’t return until September 28th, 2012 when it returns to its #thankgrimmitsfriday slot with the episode, The Good Shepherd.

(c) 2012 BBC America Doctor Who

(2)    Doctor WhoDinosaurs on a Spaceship – Episode 0702

Let me start out by saying, DINOSAURS. ON A SPACESHIP. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I mean even Wash (Firefly) plays with plastic dinosaurs. So I was pretty excited. And then in the previews we catch a glimpse of Nefertiti. Um so yeah, I was pumped for the episode.

(c) 2012 BBC America Doctor Who
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship! Woot!

I laughed, I cried, and I cheered. Okay so I didn’t actually cry, but I’m sure I will when dear Amy and Rory finally leave us. The new companion looks promising, but it’s Amy and Rory. I mean come on. Anyways I’m going to continue or I’ll start crying now thinking about them leaving. And for the record I don’t normally get all weepy about television characters.

(c) 2012 BBC America Doctor Who

In this episode the Doctor tries out having a gang starting with Queen Nefertiti, followed by John Riddell, and finally the Ponds. Though when the Doctor picks up the Ponds he picks up Brian Williams (I immediately thought of the news caster) who is none other then Rory’s dad. Chaos and hilarity ensues as it does on any Doctor Who episode.

The Doctor takes the gang onto  a ship with none other then…you guessed it dinosaurs. It ends up Earth’s predecessor species, the Silurians, created an Ark at the fall of the dinosaurs. Their ship, however, is seized by an evil man. The ship is getting dangerously close to Earth who will and eventually does launch missiles at it. The Doctor of course saves the day in his typical fashion.

The best bit of the entire episode was with Rory, Brian, and the Doctor. They are being escorted by two robots to see the man who has taken over the Silurian ship when a triceratops approaches them and get’s extra frisky with Brian.

Doctor: You don’t have any vegetable matter in your trousers do you?

Brian: Just my balls

Rory and the Doctor cringe

Brian: My golf balls. They have grass on them.

I think I’m getting the last line wrong, but I couldn’t get the episode to reload for me. Technical errors I apologize. It was just one of those Laugh Out Loud moments.

Next Saturday looks just as promising as the Doctor and the Ponds travel to the Wild West. I’m American and been an avid Whovian since the reboot in 2005 so I’m always excited when Who comes to America. Check out the video below for a quick preview.

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  1. The woods are not in the middle of nowhere. The woods are in the middle of Portland. Pull up a map on Google and see how much of the city is marked with green. That’s real. They’ve said that’s why they shoot there.

    1. Technically, the woods appear to be on the edge of Portland, I googled as you suggested 🙂 And the author seemed to be going for more of a middle of nowhere meaning middle of where no one would be so they could be alone. But that’s just me.

    2. Thanks for your comment Em. I was aware the wooded park is near downtown Portland. The way the scene was shot however felt like they were driving out of their way for the picnic and for someone like me who has never been to Portland it felt odd (to me). I was also aware that the woods surrounding Portland was one of the top reasons why NBC and the producers picked the area and I’m glad they did. Portland really is another character of the show. Again thanks for your comment. I really appreciate your feedback!

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