This weeks Wednesday Watchlist is back with a twist as I will be welcoming original Geek Unleashed team member Stephen and our new kid on the block Jo. We’ll be pointing out the books you should be picking up. So without further adieu, Jo will kick us off:

Jo – Punk Rock Jesus #3:

Written, as well as drawn, by Sean Murphy, who expertly eschews triteness, Punk Rock Jesus is a comic book with ‘swag’. It tackles the cult of celebrity and mass media head on, weaving satire and science
fiction with aplomb. With the first two issues, Punk Rock Jesus established itself as one of my favourite Vertigo miniseries of the year so afar (along with the exceptional The New Deadwardians). As our
title character enters his rebellious teenage years, questioning his existence, how will the world react and what effect on the ratings?

© DC Comics

Stephen – The Creep #1:

If you fancy something new this week you could do a hell of a lot worse than pick up The Creep #1. Written by John Arcudi who is doing great work on B.P.R.D, and drawn by Jonathan Case who you may know from The Green River Killer. It also has a cover by Mike Mignola, which is reason enough alone to buy it in my book. It’s a mystery noir tale involving teen suicide and a grim private eye, and Joe R Lansdale loves it. So will you.

© Dark Horse Comics

Mark – Stumptown Vol. 2 #1:

I was struggling a bit with this (due to so much good stuff coming out) but then I came across this amazing review of Stumptown #1. The moment I finished the review I firstly order the first volume from Amazon and I then contacted my comic shop to put the second volume on my pull list. Stumptown is from the creative team of Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Matthew Southworth from Oni Press. The story follows Dex Parios a private investigator who sets up her business in  Portland, Oregon and is hired to find a missing guitar but things end up going nuts. Sounds wonderful!

© Oni Press

What are you picking up?

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