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I’m taking full advantage of some of the network’s exclusive previews of their new shows. Earlier I reviewed FOX’s new comedies The Mindy Project and Ben & Kate. Both were ok shows. I’m not a comedy television person. Not really. I’m very particular about what I watch and it’s hard to find a comedy I actually like, but I’m reserving judgment on these two from FOX. I might be pleasantly surprised later in the season.

I was very excited when I found out that NBC was doing an exclusive preview of the pilot of their new drama Revolution. This show looks extremely appealing to me and is right up my alley. I’m a fan of dystopians. I love writing them, I love reading them, and I love watching them and Revolution fits that dystopian bill perfectly. Merriam-Webster defines dystopia as follows:

dys·to·pia noun (,)dis-‘tō-pē-а

1: an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives

Though Revolution’s world is imaginary it holds a warning for us all. We as a society depend heavily on electricity and technology. What would we do if all the power went out and never came back? The show attempts to show us some possible outcomes. We follow a young woman named Charlie on a mission to find her brother who was taken by local militia men after they killed her father. She heads out on her journey first to Chicago to find her Uncle – a plea from her dying father – then off to find her brother.

Billy Burke stars as Charlie’s Uncle Miles and does an amazing job. He steals the show as the strong and sharp former soldier. His character is the most mysterious and complex and we all know how I love NBC’s mystery characters (Captain Renard from Grimm anyone?). I can’t wait to learn more about him and his brother, Ben’s, part in the blackout.

After watching the preview I’m still excited for the season to start. The pilot officially airs on September 17, 2012 at 10/9c on NBC. If you can’t wait and want to check out the pilot early head on over to NBC or Hulu.

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    1. Me too. That was one of the largest downfalls of Terra Nova, which I loved. There is potential for it in Revolution, but I hope they focus on the blackout and the rebuilding that’s happened in the 15 years the power has been out.

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