It is true guys, we were all waiting for the next generation smartphone, and now it’s out. Did it make any impact or did it surprise people? I will discuss that some other time. I am more interested to share a few of the main features. Lots of rumors were discussed online and at different platforms, but let’s see what it actually has.


If we look at the weight and size, we can surely call it the thinnest and lightest (I will call it thinnest LTE smartphone) with a measurement of 7.6mm in thickness and weighing 112 grams. It is constructed of glass and aluminum, and according to Jon Ive, they

“have never built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish.” It’s claimed that the “variances from product to product is now measured in microns”.

Comparing it with the rumors, I found the iPhone 5 very close to all the leaks, and therefore, Apple couldn’t make this product a surprise for us.

Yes, it is true, the new iPhone has as 4-inch display, with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. So, visibly we can see the improvement in the extension in terms of pixel rows. As Apple’s Vice President said;

“We’re able to add a fifth row of icons.” Apple confirms “the pixels do double duty—acting as touch-sensing electrodes while displaying the image at the same time. Since there’s nothing between the glass and the pixels, they say the image is much clearer than before.”

So at the same time, we can also expect that the software team will be working on new software suitable for the improved resolution and screen size.

As forecasted, LTE is a big part of iPhone 5. It will have HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and LTE. Apple confirms that “their single-chip solution works everywhere”. It will work with twin channels of 5GHz 802.11N resulting in 150Mbps connection speed.

It will also have a new 8-megapixel camera. Apple promised that this camera will operate with low light performance and 40% faster photo capture. iPhone 5 will have an A6 processor, as a result of 2x improvement in CPU and graphics processing performance.

The Audio side has also improved for iPhone 5: microphones, speakers, and the earbuds, which are now called “EarPods”. iPhone 5 will have three microphones, one on the bottom, the front and the back side. I am sure that sound quality will be much better now. According to Apple;

“their technology cancels the noise” from the place you are at, so you hear “the voice on the other end”

which means more clarity. Phil Schiller says;

“the new iPhone 5 can use something called wideband audio. If supported by the carrier, the phone will use more of the spectrum bandwidth to send much better and high-fidelity version of your voice over the network.”


iPhone 5 also brought a new “Lightning”. Hey, I am not talking about any rain effect here, it’s the name given by Apple to its new “dock connector”. It is smaller in size and has a changed number of pins. So get ready to find adapters if you are using old accessories. The iPhone 5 will have memory options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It’s also been confirmed that it will only support the “nano-SIM’. So friends, forget about old micro-SIMS. If you ask me, I am planning on running to my local shop to find any kind of adapter as well for this new change.

Initially, the iPhone 5 will only be available to US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore on 21st Sep 2012. We will be waiting for more info for more countries on 28th of September.

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