Justice Like Lightning! Last week Marvel teased us with one word releases along with creative teams.

The New Line Up! © Marvel

This week they’ve announced the first reveal of a week of teasers and as I predicted Lightning was the easiest to decipher, this December Thunderbolts #1 kicks off with their 3rd relaunch since the title first began in 1997 from the ashes of the Onslaught event. With most of the superheroes missing on counter-earth in the wake of defeating Onslaught it opened the doors for another superhero team to fill the void. The public and Shield were so will to accept them and didn’t see their twist coming – these were the Masters of Evil pretending to be heroes. Over the years the Thunderbolts have become a title which is home to villains mostly wanting

Original Line Up and shock reveal – The Thunderbolts were in fact the Masters of Evil © Marvel

redemption and become a hero but there have also been the wild card  team members along the way that have been anything but a heroic. From the new creative team of creative team of Daniel Way (Deadpool) and Steve Dillon (Punisher MAX) as part of the Marvel NOW relaunch comes a new team with very much the essence of the original incarnation; Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, the Punisher and led by General “Thunderbolt” Ross, AKA the Red Hulk, who has hand-picked this team of like-minded operatives.

“How many times have we said to ourselves, ‘If only I had the power…’? Well, Thunderbolt Ross has that power and this series will show what he does with it,” explained Daniel Way in an interview with Marvel.com. “Really, it all boils down to the most ‘Marvel’ of our medium’s go-to ideologies: With great power comes great responsibility.”

Out of all the titles that have been previewed so far by Marvel this is the one that I am most looking forward to. I want to see how the dynamic of these primarily solo players will work. Stay tuned fellow geeks for what looks like an interesting team from a powerhouse creative team.

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