I can’t believe that a week has gone by already. I’m getting excited though because next two weeks are huge for premieres. Next week Bones starts its eighth season with Bones as a fugitive. I’ve been waiting all summer to see what happens! FOX is also premiering its new series The Mob Doctor it looks interesting and who doesn’t like a good show with mobsters in it? NBC is also premiering Revolution in case you missed their exclusive preview. Earlier this week I reviewed/previewed the first episode. You can read that article here. The week of the 24th is even bigger with an assortment of shows returning and a few new shows. Here’s a quick list of the highlights:

  • ABC
    • 9/24 @ 10/9C – Castle
    • 9/25 @ 9/8C – Private Practice
    • 9/27 @ 8/7C – Last Resort (NEW series)
    • 9/27 @ 9/8C – Grey’s Anatomy
    • 9/27 @ 10/9C – Scandal
  • FOX
    • 9/17 @ 8/7C – Bones
    • 9/17 @ 9/8C – The Mob Doctor (NEW series)
    • 9/25 @ 8/7C – New Girl
    • 9/28 @ 9/8C – Fringe
  • CBS
    • 9/24 @ 10/9C – Hawaii Five-O
    • 9/25 @ 8/7C – NCIS
    • 9/25 @ 9/8C – NCIS: Los Angeles
    • 9/25 @ 10/9C – Vegas (NEW series)
    • 9/26 @ 9/8C – Criminal Minds
    • 9/26 @ 10/9C – CSI
    • 9/27 @ 9/8C – Person of Interest
    • 9/27 @ 10/9C – Elementary (NEW series)
    • 9/28 @ 8/7C – CSI: NY
    • 9/28 @ 9/8C – Made in Jersey (NEW series)
    • 9/28 @ 10/9C – Bluebloods
  • NBC
    • 9/17 @ 9/8C – Revolution (NEW series)
    • 9/26 @ 9/8C – Law and Order: SVU
    • 9/28 @ 9/8C – Grimm returns to its #ThankGrimmItsFriday slot

With that out of the way let’s get to all the juicy bits that you might have missed this week. This week we’ll look at White Collar, Glee, and Doctor Who. It was a great week with tons of awesome things. So let’s get started.

(c) 2012 USA Network – White Collar
  1. White Collar(USA Network) – ‘Gloves Off’
    • White Collar is one episode away from its fourth season finale and it most certainly will return for a fifth season. In this episode Special Agent Peter Burke and Neal get into it about Neal being in contact with an undercover police officer (Sam) who knew Neal’s father. Peter, after learning that Neal spoke with Sam, confronts Sam and suggests they work together. Sam reluctantly agrees, but calls Neal later in the episode telling him that the people he has been running from have found him. Neal is less than happy. Peter and Neal fight a staged boxing match to bring down an inside trader and Neal goes down in the fight like he’s supposed to, but rushes off to try to catch Sam. Peter catches up with him, but Sam is gone and his place has been trashed. The episode ends with Neal telling him that they’re through personally – it’s only business now.I love White Collar it’s a sexy and intelligent show and Matt Bomer does an excellent job playing the suave con artist. I’m looking forward to the Season 4 finale, ‘Vested Interest’ which will air Tuesday September 18th at 9/8C.

    (c) 2012 FOX Glee
  2. Glee – ‘The New Rachel’
    • I don’t know about you, but I’m strangely excited about the new season of Glee. When the show originally came out I wasn’t going to watch the show at all. After the first season came up on Netflix I decided to watch it after finishing up watching Battlestar Gallactica. I was pleasantly surprised by the show and soon found myself singing along with the cast (did I just confess that…ooops). The first episode of Season 4 finds the Lima High School Glee club a few members short and holding auditions for new members. The remaining original members (Blaine, Tina, Britney, and former Vocal Adrenaline alum Unique/Wade) battle it out to be the new star performer with Artie being the judge. While the remaining gleeksters battle it out Rachel is starting her time with NYADA and having a rough go. Her new dance instructor Cassandra July played by Kate Hudson has put Rachel on her list – in face Rachel isher list. Rachel’s roommate is also stressing her out. Back in Lima Kurt is working at the coffee house and helping with auditions for the New Directions. After a heartfelt song by his boyfriend and a speech from his father Kurt takes both their advice and heads to New York.Meanwhile the New Directions welcomes Marley (the new Rachel in my opinion) and Jake – Puckerman’s half brother.I’m not sure how they’re going to manage filtering in Mercede, Santana, Puckerman, or Finn, but they’ve done well going back and forth between Rachel and Lima, OH.I look forward to seeing Kate Hudson continue her role as Ms. July as well as Whoopi Goldberg as Carmen Tibideaux. My favorite surprise? Dean Geyer who plays Brody Weston. I’m happy to see him as a potential love interest for Rachel in NY. It was bound to happen. Geyer played Mark Reynolds who dated Naomi Scott’s character Maddy Shannon in the short lived FOX show Terra Nova.

    (c) 2012 BBC America
  3. Doctor Who– ‘A Town Called Mercy’
    • In episode 3 of season 7 Doctor who and the Ponds return to the United States and the wild west. What’s awesome about this? Matt Smith in a Stetson again. Smith definitely knows how to wear a hat. Even a fez because after fezes are cool – so are bow ties for that matter.These episodes are getting hard to watch because we know the inevitable is coming. The Ponds are leaving and while it took me awhile to like Amy and Rory I do now and I’m necessarily ready to let them go, though Oswin looks like she will be a fun and interesting companion. Anyways on with what you missed.The Doctor isn’t the only alien doctor in the old West. No there is another and a not so pleasant doctor, although really he is…now. In a time of war he committed atrocities on his home planet and one of them came after him and others on his team. You see this new doctor in the old west created cyborgs. When the real Doctor and the Ponds arrive the town folk believe he’s the one the cyborg or “gunslinger” is after, but clever as they always are the Doctor and Ponds learn this isn’t the case.As the episode progresses (this one did seem to drag on a bit, as is this blog :-D) the Doctor learns why the gunslinger is after Jax (the war criminal doctor) and is none to happy. Amy has to talk the Doctor out of giving Jax over. It was a fantastic speech. Go Pond! I like to see this Doctor growing a little. Last season he was a little to whimsical and juvenile and I like that about the Doctor, but there wasn’t much turmoil like there had been with the 10th and 11th Doctors. I’m glad to see some of it, but is the Doctor really up for killing? The sacrifice of the “collector” last episode wasn’t entirely sad for me because the guy was terrible, but it was un-Doctor like. I don’t know. This season will be interesting.

      Anyways Jax sacrifices himself to carry the souls of the men and women he wronged up the mountain to his ever after leaving the “Gunslinger” with no mission. He sulks and the Doctor suggests he stay to protect the townfolk of Mercy.

      It wasn’t my favorite Doctor Who episode, but all in all I liked it. Next week looks interesting and the trailer hints that the Ponds departure is quickly upon us. *sniff sniff*

Well that’s what you missed this week. Happy watching folks!

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