Revival #3, Image Comics

Whilst I’d been a stranger to Tim Seeley’s earlier work, I knew he’d had success within the horror genre with Hack/Slash and Loaded Bible. With Revival, Seeley is creating an understated psychological and supernatural horror, with genuine humour; it’s much more than a ‘rural noir’, with its accompanying soundtrack (which isn’t to my tastes), and fabulous cover art by Jenny Frison.

Further to the creepy goings on in Revival is, at its heart three issues in, a mystery – who killed Dana’s sister Em and why? Were they themselves dead when they committed the act? Further to Em’s secrets, which may shed light on her mysterious death, we learn that the federal government cares little about the ‘reviving’ phenomenon, as long as it doesn’t spread, and the town itself is full of those looking to ‘get rich quick’ as a result of the happening. Including Ms. Vang, who thinks she has the key locked in her basement. Blaine makes a brief cameo after his enigmatic first appearance last time out. And a walking corpse goes to her daughter’s funeral. Seeley’s script is tight and avoids the all too common exposition dump so conventional in comics today. Information is leaked carefully into conversation. Testament to its strength is three issues in and I’m hooked.

Mike Norton’s art has an incredible range – contrast this with his other title It Girl and the Atomics and his webcomic Battlepug, which Stephen highlighted in a recent post. Having two contrasting styles, in keeping with the tone of two very divergent monthly books, is an incredible feat.

In the Letters Page, Seeley reveals “we know the ending…or rather, we know the why of the Revival Event. But we’ve left ourselves plenty of rooms to tell all kinds of stories around the event, while teasing out how Wisconsin ended up with Revivers”. The teasing out of which, I want to stick around for. Rather than a potboiler, Revival is a slow burner that I’d highly recommend. If you can find it, it’s commanding quite the price on eBay at present. Luckily 2nd prints are on their way.

Revival #3 is due for release on the 19th September by Image Comics.

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