It’s that time of the week again and that means us comic folk are back to give you three lovely choices out of the 100 odd comics hitting your comic book stores tomorrow and hope it gives you a better idea what to look for.

Stephen – Revival #3

I’m really enjoying this series by Mike Norton and Tim Seeley. It’s an Interesting take on the ‘undead’ genre, set in a remote town in rural Wisconsin, featuring engaging, well drawn characters. I know the story is in safe hands with Norton and Seeley but I’m not sure the same can be said for the protagonists.

© Image Comics

Jo – Thanos: The Final Threat

After his appearance post-credits in The Avengers, he may well be the most talked about villain of the year.  In Thanos: The Final Threat, from legendary creator Jim Starlin, we see the Mad Eternal as he
attempts to gather the Infinity Gems in a bid for interplanetary power. Here not only the Avengers, but Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and a host of others attempt to oppose his might. Find out about what will
be one of Marvel’s most significant villains in the coming years.

© Marvel Comics

Mark – Nightwing #0

I’ve been a Nightwing fan since the his first ongoing title when he moved from Gotham City to their ugly step-sister; Blüdhaven and stayed with him until One Year Later when they destroyed Blüdhaven and moved him to New York, Bruce Jones didn’t seem to get Nightwing and ended up driving me from the title. I missed Dick Grayson, who is one of my favourite comic book characters. Batman R.I.P. brought me back to the character and I enjoyed his run as Batman but it’s been in the DC’s New 52 relaunch where I’ve really enjoyed seeing the character back on form. The first twelve issues have been nothing short of spectacular. Kyle Higgins has provided an extremely well written and consistently good comic book since the very first issue with beautiful art work provided by  Eddy Barrows along other great artists since it’s launch. I really enjoyed the glimpse into Dick Grayson’s past at the end of Batman #0 and look forward to finding out more in this New 52 universe.

© DC Comics

So what’s going to be in your stack? What comics will you be picking up?

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