iPhone 5 ta-da
iPhone 5 ta-da, sadly no bells or whistles

I have as many Apple devices as the next idiot but I am increasingly disappointed and underwhelmed by their unveilings. Yes the iPhone 5 will be thinner – unless its paper thin I am really going to notice? And faster – personally I didn’t notice a great deal of difference going from a iPhone 3GS to 4S, except the new one didn’t have a ‘tanty’ when asked to make a call, load a website or generally function as advertised, which would result in it having to be plugged in. Apparently the iPhone5 is 20% lighter and as for 4G, good luck firstly finding it and secondly a data plan which will allow you to exploit it. In the UK, come 21st September, you will need to part with £529 (and up, dependent on size) to get one contract free.

On a more serious note, and according to Guardian Money, the best iPhone 5 deals are as follows: –

  • 02 has the cheapest monthly charge for a 16GB iPhone 5 at £26 for unlimited calls and texts, plus 1GB of data, as long as you can stump up £250 and commit for 2 years. TOTAL COST = £874 give or take a penny.
  • Orange offers the same deal, except for £36 a month, plus £110 for the phone. TOTAL COST = £974. Which begs the question; do you spend more than a £50 a year on cinema tickets?
  • 3 will offer you unlimited data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts for £36 a month, plus £79 upfront for the 16GB version of the phone for 2 years. TOTAL COST = £943.
  • T-Mobile will offer unlimited texts and internet, with 2000 minutes for £36 a month, plus £109 for the phone. TOTAL COST = £973.
  • For yuppies, see Vodaphone. They will offer 12 month plans starting at £36 a month, offering 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. And charge you £349 for the privilege. TOTAL COST = £781.

Prices increase with size of iPhone.

My advice if this is a must have, buy from Apple, at aforementioned price of £529, and throw in a SIM only deal from one of the above networks, which start from £10 a month, depending on data, text and call allowances. For example, T-Mobile offer a 12 month SIM only deal offering unlimited minutes, text and data for £21 a month. Beyond the aforementioned a GiffGaff SIM only deal will allow you 250 minutes, unlimited texts and data for £10 a month.

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