Marvel, Professor Charles Francis Xavier

As previously reported; Professor Charles Francis Xavier, who has died aged 65, after suffering a fatal optic blast by the Phoenix-corrupted Cyclops, was a polymath the likes of which we shan’t see again. Famed for his telepathy and his school for the gifted, from which talent was drawn for his team of ‘X-Men’, Charles was born in New York City to the wealthy Brian Xavier, a well-respected nuclear scientist, and Sharon Xavier.

A graduate of Harvard, with PhD’s in genetics, biophysics and psychology, with a chair at Pembroke College, Oxford and Columbia, Xavier was drafted into the Korean War and after many adventure founded his School for Gifted Youngsters, graduates of which include Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel, who subsequently became the original X-Men.

Ever the reluctant hero, Charles was an advocate and figure head of mutant rights’, particularly after the destruction of Genosha. Xavier was also a friend of intergalactic races, including Princess Lilandra from the Shi’ar Empire.

He is survived by his son, Legion.

Professor Charles Francis Xavier, born September 1937; died September 2012.

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