NBC has an already gripping line up. With returning favorites like Law and Order: SVU, Grimm, and new favorite Revolution. NBC has the potential for stellar ratings this season. Besides Revolution they have two other new shows they’ve slated for Sunday night slots: Chicago Fire (premiering Oct. 10th @ 10/9 C) and Do No Harm (premiering sometime mid-season). Here is what you have to look forward on NBC this season.

CHICAGO FIRE — Season: Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Teri Reeves as Hallie, David Eigenberg as Christopher Hermann, Charlie Barnett as Peter Mills, Lauren German as Leslie Shay, Monica Raymund as Gabriella Dawson, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Eamonn Walker as Battalion Chief Wallace Boden — (Photo by: Sandro/NBC)
© NBCUniversal, INC

1)      Chicago Fire

  • Premieres October 10th at 10/9C
  • From award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf (Law & Order).
  • Follows the members of Chicago Firehouse 51 as they perform one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs in the world.
  • Will it last?
    • Rescue Me was a critically acclaimed show for FX and we love to love our firemen. It has a great cast, solid executive producers and writers, and the director of the pilot Jeffrey Nachmanoff has worked on Homeland. It has the potential, but can all that help it survive. I’m not so sure. I’ve heard rumors (nothing solid) already that it might be on the chopping block. I believe its way to early to believe anything of the sort. After all the show hasn’t even started.
DO NO HARM — Season Pilot — Pictured: Steven Pasquale as Dr. Jeffery Kohl/Ian Price — (Photo by: Matthias Clamer/NBC)
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2)       Do No Harm

  • Premieres mid-season 2012-2013 on Sunday Nights at 10/9C (replacing Chicago Fire?)
  • From executive producer writer David Schulner (Desperate Housewives, The Event)
  • The show is about Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale, Rescue Me) who is a charming neurosurgeon with a dark side. From NBC’s description it sounds like a Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde type story. With Pasquale as its leading man there is great potential.
  • Will it last?
    • It’s really hard to say. Personally I love a good psychological thriller and was a huge fan of the British series Jekyll. If done right NBC could have a winner on its hands.

3)      Crossbones

  • TBA
  • From the award-winning creator of Luther, Neil Cross.
  • 1715 – New Providence, Bahamas. Edward Teach (Blackbeard). Thieves, miscreants, and outlaws. Oh my.
  • Will it Last?
    • Really hard to say. There hasn’t been a cast announced. Pirates are huge and always will be. Look at Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

4)       Hannibal

  • Mid-Season 2012-13
  • From Brian Fuller (Pushing Daisies) based on the Thomas Harris classic novel.
  • When I first saw the movie Silence of the Lambs I was terrified of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector. Now the idea of a psychological thriller following Lecter before his more infamous incarnation is appealing to me. Dr. Lecter will  work alongside FBI criminal profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy, The Big C).
  • Will it last?
    •  I think this show has immense potential. It’s a twist on a classic and has a formidable cast in Hugh Dancy and Mads Mads Mikkelsen (The Three Musketeers).
Infamous — Season: Pilot — Pictured: (Victor Garber, Meagan Good, Katherine LaNasa, Tate Donovan, Laz Alonso) — (Photo by: J.R. Mankoff/NBC)
© NBCUniversal, INC

5)      Infamous

  • Mid-Season 2012-2013
  • From executive producer and writer Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights).
  • An heiress is found dead, but no one is overly surprised. FBI agent Will Moreno however is surprised…and suspicious. Convinced the heiress was murdered he sets a plan in motion to get to the truth. He enlists the help of the heiress’ old family friend, Detective Joanna Locasto.
  • Will it last?
    • Well Victor Garber is in it and I like him. I just feel like this story is more of an episode of Law and Order than an entire series. I guess maybe that’s why I don’t write screenplays for a living (though that would be cool *grin*). It has potential, but I just don’t see it going for more than a season.
1600 PENN — Season: Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Stockham as Xander, Martha MacIsaac as Becca, Bill Pullman as Dale, Amara Miller as Marigold, Josh Gad as Skip, Jenna Elfman as Emily, Andre Holland as Marshall Malloy — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
© NBCUniversal, INC

6)      Other new shows from NBC:

  • Next Caller is a new comedy about a foulmouthed DJ having to share the airwaves with an over the top happy NPR feminist. It’s time slot and premiere is TBA by NBC later this year.
  • Save Me starring Anne Heche is a new comedy about a woman from the Midwest suburbs who is revived after an accident and now has a direct line to God himself.
  • 1600 Penn is a new political comedy starring Jenna Elfman and Bill Pullman who are husband and wife (step-mother to the children) trying to keep their family and the country intact.
  • Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers takes a new spin on the old legend. In the 19th century Dracula returns to London as an American Entrepreneur. A lot could happen.

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