An Apple a year and keeps other gadgets away. September 12th was the day when Apple brought all the gadgets out of its bag. The most anticipated iPhone 5 was displayed. Some exciting new accessories were introduced for it as well. The new iPod Touch and iPod nano was introduced. iTunes 11 was announced. I will try to give you a complete roundup for the Apple’s event in this article for all the important gadgets.

iPhone 5:

The good news is that we finally saw the new iPhone 5. Apple introduced features like the 4-inch display, A6 Faster Processor, LTE option, Sprint, At&T and Verizon carriers have been included, 8MP Camera, smaller dock connector, and the nano SIM.

New eye catching design for iPod Nano:

The new iPod Nanos were also part of the event. The iPod Nano was introduced with a very smart design. One can call it a cute MP3 player but with a big screen. It also comes in seven candy-hued colors. Another exciting bit of news is that it comes with Bluetooth features for first time. It will support the new dock connector known as “lightning” and improved battery time. It costs for $150 for 16GB memory size, and we can have our hands on it in October.

An Amazing iPod Touch:

A beautiful new iPod Touch was also part on the shelves at the Apple’s event. I consider this the best gadget which Apple brought up because of its much improved and upgraded version, and bigger screen. It excites us with the features like:

  • If we compare it older versions, it looks like its design is closer to new iPod Nano or new iPhone which is great.
  • It weighs in at 88 grams and is only 6.1 mm thick.
  • It uses an A5 Processor, the same one used in the iPhone 4S’ to experience best gaming environment.
  • Improved rear-facing 5 MP camera.
  • New tiny Lightning connector.
  • Siri, mainly the 4-inch screen size with retina display. Get ready to enjoy the pocketable movies.
  • Can connect it with your home theater, due to the built-in 1080p mirroring to your TV feature via AirPlay.
  • It will be available in October for $300 for a 32 GB version

iTunes 11 with new Features:

We will be using iTune 11 in the end of October. Apple streamlined the appearance with an “edge-to-edge” design, giving it a more overall visual feel. I don’t understand the reason why the end of October has been selected for the release? Why so late?

iOS 6 – Get ready to enjoy improved and new Apps.

We all know about the features and apps associated with iOS 6. Now we have the specs of iPhone 5, we now know that when it will be released, i.e. September 19.

iOS 6 was introduced in WWDC and has some added functions. This iOS 6 will be available and compatible with all the devices like the 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S, the iPad 2 and the New iPad. Let me share some of the upcoming features with this iOS.

  • iMessage will help you to send, receive and sync iMessages between multiple devices, even if it’s sent to your phone number.
  • A new feature of Wi-Fi + Cellular has been introduced in iOS 6. Now one can keep the cellular data available even if there is no Internet connection. Also, expect this to play nicely with AirPlay direct.
  • There is a much improved Siri functionality.
  • Apple has introduced its own concept of Maps. One can use the 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation.
  • I am sure you must be familiar with “Google Wallet”. For the same purpose, Apple introduced Passbook. One can save data from credit cards, customer rewards cards, coupons and plane tickets.
  • Facebook enhancement. We used to send a tweet anytime from anywhere in iOS. So be ready for this feature for Facebook. Now you will be able to update the status on your Facebook and Twitter right from the notification center.
  • You can use the functions of Facetime over 3G now, even if you don’t have any Internet. But, if you are on AT&T, you may find issues.

New iPod Shuffle:

New iPod Shuffles were introduced in San Francisco. I didn’t find anything special about this. It got nothing new from the older versions, though came with five different colors. So if those colors excite you, then you can give it one difference or change. It costs $50 for 2GB.

8-Pin New Lightening Dock Connectors:

Here’s Apple’s new Lightning connector, the replacement for the old 30-pin, and the way you’ll be charging and syncing all your iPads, Pods, and Phones from now on.

According to Apple, the Lightning connector is more durable, reversible (making it easier to use), and “adaptive”. It’s 80 percent smaller than the old 30-pin. The cable itself is $20. And sadly, it’s only USB 2.0. Ugh. There is an adapter to use old 30-pin gadgets with it, but it looks like it’s over an inch thick, and is $30. There’s a cable version of the adapter for $40.

Check out New Improved headphones:

Apple made a historic and much-needed step forward today; it’s finally putting its old, terrible headphones to rest. The new ones, dubbed “EarPods” mark a bit of a shift, but still retain their iconic, white, hey-look-at-me-I’ve-got-an-iPhone-in-my-pocket color. Unlike the previous phones, these guys are the in-ear type, and will hopefully sound and fit a little better than the good old-fashioned kind. They’ll be coming bundled with the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch, and the iPod nano, and are also available separately starting now, and cost $29.

Source: gizmodo

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