Amazing Spider-Man #700, Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man, launched in 1963, relaunched in 1999 with new numbering, only to revert in 2003 to its original numbering has now been reported by Marvel that it will come to an end this December.

Spider-Man has been suspicious in his absence from Marvel NOW! announcements in recent weeks but with news of Amazing Spider-Man #699, #699.1 and the final issue #700 shipping in December we can only predict a relaunch in the new year.

Earlier this month Dan Slott promised “big” chances in Amazing Spider-Man in an interview with Marvel; “there’s so much I can’t say without spoiling Marvel’s big secrets. #700 will pass the baton off to what will happen with Spider-Man in the world of Marvel NOW!”

Obviously Marvel won’t be saying goodbye to Spiderman and we can most likely expect a relaunch as part of the Marvel NOW line but will Slott be apart of this or can we expect the baton to be passed over to a new creative team?

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  1. At the end of this I will drop all Marvel. I have had it with the renumbering and rebooting.

  2. In 1982 Roger Stern wrote for this series one of the most beautiful story arcs I’ve ever read. It is rather short (it starts in Amazing Spider Man 226 and ends in the following issue), but every single panel of it is pure awesomeness.
    Spider Man and Black Cat were the leading characters of that arc.
    In that period Spidey had started to become more and more similar to Batman: the series passed from a sunny setting to a dark one, Peter started to cooperate with a female version of Commissioner Gordon (Jean De Wolff), and, most of all, he developed a detective approach he never had before. His relationship with Black Cat was a part of this project: Black Cat is Marvel’s Catwoman, so the affair between her and Peter deliberately reminded of the one between Batman and Catwoman.
    This magic period ended with the death of Jean De Wolff. She is one of the Spider Man characters who should have been employed more and in a far better way, along with Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady, Betty Brant and so on.

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