© Marvel Comics

Daredevil Volume 3 #18

STORY BY Mark Waid
ART BY Chris Samnee
COLORS BY Javier Rodriguez
LETTERS BY Joe Caramagna
COVER BY Paolo Rivera
PUBLISHER Marvel Comics

I guess you can come home again. I read every issue of the last volume of Daredevil when it relaunched under Kevin Smith as part of the Marvel Knights line and then Brian Bendis look over for what to become a truly epic run from issue 26 along side Alex Maleev and introduced his girlfriend Milla Donovan who would later become his wife and the groundbreaking storylines involving his identity being revealed to the public and becoming the Kingpin. This was followed by amazing runs by Ed Brubaker and artist Michael Lark and then writer Andy Diggle which would see Daredevil end up in prison and even becoming the leader of the ninja clan; the Hand and each writer would also use the identity reveal as part of their own story. Thanks to the writers and artists who wrote Daredevil throughout the previous volume as this made the perfect run on a comic title. So much so that when it relaunched again for a third time I struggled with Mark Waid’s first issue and didn’t continue past the first issue. I know, I know – bad move. While every month I’ve noticed Daredevil hitting the shelves and it’s been taunting me and calling out to me and the good reviews that have littered the internet are a constant reminder of my rookie move and it’s no wonder that this title has won not one but three Eisner Awards for Best Single Issue (for issue #7), Best Continuing Series, and Best Writer at this years award.

I decided to pick up issue #18 after some slight encouragement from Stephen and Joe and they couldn’t have been more right. Thank god for the catch up page although it’s written so well by Mark Waid you wouldn’t need it. The catch up page lets you know that Matt Murdock and Foggy Wilson have had a falling out and no longer work together, due to the remains of Matt Murdock’s father being found in their office and there being no other possible suspect other than Matt.

So I jumped straight in and what I liked was in the first several pages Matt was nowhere to be seen – all of the drama was centered on Foggy and with a character called Mr. Santiago, who gives Foggy the lowdown on what will be their latest case. Mr. Santiago goes through the motions of how is sister is being accused of murdering a “Drug Kingpin”, Foggy believes him and despite having no funds insists he will defend his sister which then opens the story nicely.

Preview Page from Daredevil #18
© Marvel Comics

The camera then switches to Matt Murdock and his latest lady friend, (Matt Murdock has always been a ladies man). However the night takes a turn as the reader believes Matt is about to invite her inside but his senses tell him someone he knows is inside. Someone who shouldn’t be in his room or even his life. I won’t give away who this person was but bringing this character back hooked me and made me realise that Mark Waid knows his shit! He gets Daredevil – this isn’t Chuck Austen this is Mark Waid, the man who gave us fantastic runs on the Flash and one of my favourite runs on the Fantastic Four with the late Mike Wieringo.

Chris Samnee’s art work was also top-notch and the scene that I felt showcased it was the fight scene with Daredevil flipping around the room fighting gangsters. I loved this moment as it was more visual. I also enjoyed how due to Matt’s blindness that Chris illustrates his vision using radar (and even comments to himself) and reflecting this moment Matt says “This is why its dumb to surround a man who can ‘see’ in 360 degrees”. 

The story overall showed great mystery not only for Foggys murder mystery case but also whatever the crisis is that is going on with Matt Murdock and his fathers remains and the return of a character from his past. This is definitely the very beginning of what should be another epic run on Daredevil. It’s been so wonderful that I’ve picked up issues 13-17 and intend on tracking the remaining issues down.

If you don’t want to play hunt the back issues there are already trade paperbacks and I encourage you to go pick them up and not make the same mistake I did in leaving this one on the shelf. So was a truly amazing book and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone why it’s winning the awards it has.

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