It’s the week before the big premiere week and some shows are getting into the full swing of things while others are ending for the season. This week we take a look at the season finale of White Collar and the premiere of Bones. It wasn’t an amazing week for TV, but it wasn’t terrible. Let’s start out with the meh and work are way up to the better.

(1) Glee – Britney 2.0

  • In this episode the Gleeks revisit Britney Spears as their own Britney S. Pierce starts spiraling out of control. I like Brittany Spears and I enjoyed the first Britney Glee episode, but this one? Not so much. During their performance of “Womanizer” I almost turned off the television, which would have been a first for me and an episode of Glee.It was nice seeing Santana and Puck, but the writers have thus far done a terrible job of including some of the former Gleesters. I get it, I do. I mean I think I’ve only returned to my high school maybe 2 or 3 times in the last decade, but it’s TV and I miss the original class. I’m not a fan of the new Gleeks at all. Oh well. Maybe like the 11th Doctor they’ll grow on me.

(3) The Mob Doctor – Pilot

  • This new mob/medical drama from FOX was much better than I had expected. The show follows a woman who is a doctor that made a deal with the devil (so-to-speak) to save her brother. Now she must do jobs for the mob.Ordered to kill a state witness during a surgery Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) must decide whether she will kill the man or go against the mob putting her whole family at risk. Devlin has a weird relationship with a former mobster Constantine Alexander who rescues her and saves her family after she decides to save the witness. Alexander then takes over the mob and tells Devlin to leave town. She refuses since her family is in Chicago and Alexander tells her that she now owes him her debt.The show seems a little predictable at times, but it doesn’t seem like an all-together bad show. It has a good ensemble that just needs to find its groove with one another.

(5) Bones – The Future in the Past

  • It ends up I wasn’t as excited to see this as I had hoped I’d be. It’s Bones. It has an amazing cast and their dynamic is fantastic, but I don’t know. I think I’m just crime showed out. The show is getting a little too predictable. All I have to say about the episode is that I’m glad they didn’t drag Bones being on the run. She’s back firmly in her position at the Jeffersonian. Win-Win. This episode is a little Win-Fail for me however.
WHITE COLLAR — Season:2 — Pictured: (l-r) Tim Dekay as Peter Burke, Willie Garson as Mozzie, Marsha Thomason as Diana Lancing, Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, Sharif Atkins as Jones — Photo by: Eric Ogden/USA Network

(7) White Collar – Vested Interest

  • In the season finale of White Collar the relationship between Neil Cafferty and Special Agent Peter Burke is strained. Neil blames Peter for Sam’s disappearance, which has put a hamper on Neil finding his father and answering questions he’s had since he was a child.In this episode Peter and Neil must save an inventor of a bulletproof vest. The theft is amidst a conference full of FBI agents and in the end there is a hail of bullets action scene, which was way too short in my opinion.Sam returns and he, Mozzi, and Neal hatch a plan to flush out who is hunting Sam. Peter, in the meantime, does the same and learns that Sam Phelps is dead. I’ve always figured Sam wasn’t who he said he was. I saw this coming early on and wasn’t surprised at the end of the episode Neal learns Sam is actually his father after he asks Peter to run his DNA. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn…New episodes of White Collar return in January.
Doctor Who, Season 7, Episode 4, Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), the Doctor (Matt Smith), and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)
Photo Credit: Adrian Rogers, ©BBC

(9) Doctor Who – The Power of 3

  • The end is drawing near for the Ponds and it’s a little sad, but none-the-less Doctor Whocontinues to wow and entertain us. In this episode small black cubes have appeared everywhere in the world overnight and no one can explain it, even the doctor. They are all identical and not a one of them does anything. For months. But before we know it a young girl appears in the hospital where Rory works with blue glowing eyes (though no one notices immediately) and holding a cube that suddenly also glows a creepy blue. I didn’t even know blue could be creepy. If the creepy blue wasn’t enough there were those two creatures with the sucking mouths. Ummm. CREEPY.The episode only gets better from there. Once again the Doctor saves the human race from extinction from those that believe that we are a plague on the universe. It was an interesting and all together great episode. The power of three: the Doctor, Amy, and Rory. They really are a fantastic dynamic. I’m going to miss that.

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