Marianne Hope is one of Instagram’s many big names. She’s a talented iPhoneographer who’s daily posts keep all who follow her, coming back for more. I caught up with her to find out more about her philosophy on photography and who she admires on Instagram.

Geeks Unleashed: How did you get into photography?

Marianne Hope: I have always had an eye for pictures and motives. I got my first camera when I was 14 and was known to take pictures of EVERYTHING. My brother-in-law calls my kids the best documented kids in the world. In 2009 I decided to take the step from hobby photographer to freelance family and lifestyle photography and I haven’t looked back.


GU: When did you discover Instagram?

MH: Dec. 2010, I was looking for funky frames and filters for my iPhone pics.

GU: Were you instantly hooked?

MH: No, I wasn’t. I just used it for those frames and filters at first. It took me 4 months to figure out what a great platform Instagram was. I started using it in a more serious way in April 2011.

GU: What are your favorite editing apps?

MH: Snapseed, Touch retouch and photoshake

GU: Do you have a process that you stick to when editing?

MH: No, I let the picture tell me what editing process fits best.


GU: What’s your favorite Instagram filter?

MH: I think the ones I use most at the moment are valencia and rise, but I do have quite a few pics with earlybird as well.

GU: What’s your philosophy on photography?

MH: Photograph with your heart. If you photograph with love, your work will show it.

GU: Do you have a favorite Instagramer? Someone who inspires you?

MH: Oh man! Too many to mention!! I do of course admire everyone that I work with in my SeeMyCity organization. They are all amazing photographers, each with their own unique style, but I love and admire so many others as well. I love all styles, b&w, colour, streetphotography, landscape, abstract, artistic, lifestyle. If I should mention just one person that I admire and would love to meet in reallife, it would have to be @nathparis. She’s an amazing artist and such a sweet person as well.

GU: Any tips for people who want to be successful on Instagram?

MH: Again, love what you do. Engage with other Instagramers, spend time learning how to edit your pics optimally. Be selective with what you post. Keep learning and photographing. Don’t stress about getting new followers or likes, it should be about sharing and learning. Have fun!!


Marianne Hope continues to be a massive inspiration to iPhone and mobile photographers all over the world. Follow her on Instagram @MarianneHope.

All Photos are Ⓒ Marianne Hope.

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