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With his run on Batman Incorporated and Action Comics coming to an end (issues 12 and 16 respectively), Grant Morrison and DC have confirmed that he will return with Multiversity early next year.

And herein the news becomes somewhat complicated.

The miniseries will consist of eight 30 page issues (plus 8 page backups), two of which will be bookend chapters, whilst the remaining six instalments will take place on a different Earth of the DC multiverse, including Earth 22 (the pulp world), Earth Prime (our world), Thunderworld (that of Captain Marvel/Shazam!) and The Nazi World, as well as Pax Americana, a re-imaging of the Watchmen world, featuring the alternative flash and Blue Bettle.

These 6 will feature different artists, whilst the project will reunite Morrison and Frank Quitely (New X-men, Allstar Superman, We3).

There’s a rumour of a ninth book also.

At MorrisonCon, he revealed he’d been writing the series since Final Crisis concluded, it was the “biggest” comic project he’d ever done and it had been rewritten many a time to make “everything as perfect as I possibly can”. He also made clear whilst “not doing the monthly comics…I’ll never leave superhero stuff because I really enjoy doing it”. PHEW!

Multiversity will begin early 2013.

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