Writer Kieron Gillen has announced that PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL on a site update will now, not be released in 2012 as previously revealed:

“We were holding back from mentioning it, in hope we’d be able to make a better prediction of when the story will drop,” Kieron explained .

“But, due to a variety of other things, we still don’t know. We’re pretty sure it’ll be 2013. I’ll be highly surprised if it’s in the first half.”

“What happened? Basically, life happened. ‘Scheduling issues’ and all that. Sorry we can’t be more specific. And we’re sorry we announced it as early as we did.”

Kieron then went onto give a teaser page of The Immaterial Girl:

© McKelvie/Gillen

Kieron then went onto explain that the good news was that although Phonogram has been delayed was that he and Phonogram co-creator; Jamie McKelvie would be releasing along with other creators a short story in the Marvel Now Point One Comic due for release in October which would lead to an ongoing comic down the line. He also stressed that the this realease had nothing to do with Phonogram’s delay – “The timing of this is all kinds of odd, but they’re unconnected events. We expect and understand a bit of cynicism, but hand on heart.”

© Marvel Comics

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