The Shaolin Cowboy, created by Geof Darrow, is returning courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine will be published next month in trade paperback format. Featuring stories by award-winning writer Andrew Vachss and police officer turned author Michael A Black, with art by Darrow, this promises to be a thrilling read.

The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine © Copyright 2012 Geoffrey Darrow

As a lover of pulp fiction – I’m talking about the genre here, but I do love the film as well – this is really exciting news. I’ve read some of Vachss’ crime fiction and he’s a really great writer. Darrow’s work I am familiar with from Hard Boiled, his collaboration with Frank Miller. I don’t know much about Black but his story sounds promising.

It’s good to see this type of comic hitting the shelves. Together with titles like Pulp Detective which Jo recently reviewed, it seems that more and more creators are being influenced by, and emulating the pulp fiction magazine format. It’s also good to see that The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine is aimed at a younger, teenage audience, like Pulp Detective is. I know I would have loved titles like this when I was growing up. Having said that, I’m sure it will have appeal for the older geeks out there. Let’s face it we never really grow up do we?

The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine is released on October 24th 2012 and is priced at $15.99.

Head over to CBR for some preview pages.

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