This past week was premiere week for many of the major networks. There were so many new shores and returning favorites. Below are some of the highlights. What shows are you excited about?

Castle – “After the Storm”

As the fifth season begins we find Castle and Beckett in bed. For me it was all a little to quick and it didn’t feel worthy of the four years of back and forth they shared. The plus to the season 5 opener was the crime fighting duo finally put a name to Beckett’s mother’s killer, but they can’t do anything about it. The killer is connected and wealthy. What are they to do? Beckett blackmails the guy that’s what. That was a powerful scene in the kitchen. Looks like it’s going to be a great season for Castle.

Miles kicking some butt
REVOLUTION — “Chained Heat” Episode 102 — Pictured: Billy Burke as Miles Matheson, C. Thomas Howell as Jacob — (Photo by: John Domoney/NBC)

Revolution – Chained Heart

The second episode starts out with the Mathesons leaving Chicago. This scene bothered me a little. I realize it was a week after the blackout, but I expected more people to be around looting and rushing about. There was smoke, but a sole guy riding his bike; it just seemed unlikely to me. You’ll remember last episode Ben Matheson, Charlie’s father, was shot protecting his son Danny who was then taken by the Monroe Militia. Ben’s dying wish was that Charlie head to Chicago to find his brother Miles and rescue Danny.

And Charlie did find Miles and now they’ve set off to find Danny. That’s were episode 2 picks up. Miles has a high price on his head and a bounty hunter is after him. Miles had the chance to kill the bounty hunter, but Charlie begged him not to. Later on in the town the bounty hunter catches up with them and a fight ensues. Myles of course wins and this time kills the bounty hunter telling Charlie “Next time I want to kill someone let me.” I really like Billy Burke as Miles. He brings something to the show that keeps me wanting to come back for more. The show ends with a revelation that Charlie’s mother is alive, not dead as first thought, and that General Monroe is holding her hostage.

The show has great potential and I’ll continue to watch so long as they don’t get redundant.

Greys Anatomy – “Going Going Gone”

I was really looking forward to the premiere of Season 9 of Greys Anatomy. Last season ended with the death of Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Mark Sloan wasn’t doing so well after their plane crashed. As Season 9 begins we are introduced to some of the new interns/residents (I was confused) talking about an attending nicknamed “Medusa.” We learn that this is Dr. Meredith Grey. We also learn that something is happening at 5pm. Something that Christina Yang is going to fly out for, as she took the job in Minnesota. I’m going to side track here for a moment. Why does it always have to be snowing in Minnesota? And seriously we aren’t all that nice here. Why can’t Hollywood ever seem to get Minnesota right? But I digress.

Five o’clock is when they have to take Mark Sloan off the ventilator. This is an excruciating thing to watch. I liked McSteamy. I also liked Little Grey. Christina and Meredith both can’t fly and Karev was going to go off to Hopkins, but decided to stay. Then there is McDreamy and his hand. It was all a little too Burkish for me. Lastly there is Dr. Arizona Robins. I hated how they had her act in the last episode. While she cried at inappropriate times I always saw her as a somewhat strong character.  I was wondering if they were going to kill her off, but nope. Instead they killed off her leg and have her blaming Callie for it. Sigh.

This season could be interesting and I really think the show needs a good season with stellar ratings to survive. I’m not sure if they’ll make it.

Last Resort – “Captain”

This is a new drama from ABC and I was impressed. A nuclear submarine is given orders through non-traditional channels to fire nukes at Pakistan. The Captain requests the orders be sent through traditional channels as well after seeing nothing on the television to indicate that the nukes were warranted. The Captain is removed from duty and the XO made acting Captain; when he to requests that the order be sent through the proper channel the sub is fired upon by its own people, the USA.

Then there is the Navy Seals. They know something and I can’t wait to find out exactly what it is. The sub comes up at an exotic island where they vow to clear their names. Captain Chaplin makes an announcement over national television that the sub will remain on the island with a perimeter and that if anyone crosses that perimeter they would be fired upon. Did I mention they shot a tomahawk 200 miles outside of DC? Yup. How did he exactly know no one would be hurt? Huh? Tell me that?

That little tidbit aside I’m interested to see where they go with this.

Photo Credit: ©BBC/BBCWW

Doctor Who – “The Angels Take Manhattan”

Well this was it; we’ve said our goodbyes to the Ponds. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw previews for the episode, but it definitely exceeded them. When I learned that the Ponds would be exiting Doctor Who in an episode including the Weeping Angels I was like “NO!!!!,” but to my surprise the episode was touching and well written.

The episode opens with the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in 2012 New York City relaxing in Central Park. Doctor is reading a book by Melody Malone (anyone else catch this right away?) out loud. This scene is so great; watching all three of them hang out and just be friends. It was touching. As the episode continues the book comes more into play. Melody = River Song. Rory leaves for coffee and ends up in 1938 New York with his daughter. The Doctor and Amy soon follow and soon is all revealed what the Weeping Angels are up to.

I knew when Amy and the Doctor landed in 1938 New York graveyard and we saw Rory’s grave what was going to happen. I nearly cried. Then everything that happened at Winter Quay; oh my gosh. The love that Rory and Amy have is amazing. I thought perhaps that would have been the end, but nope. The paradox that Rory creates reverse their death and again the land in the old cemetery, but that dang tombstone is there and what else is there? There is a weak weeping angel that survived the paradox and gets Rory. Amy is beside herself and her the doctor, and her daughter River have a teary exchange when Amy turns to the Doctor to say her goodbye and his captured by the angel. The gravestone now includes Amy’s name. Both of them had their happy ending, but the Doctor is devastated

I cried in the end. It was hard not to. As much as I dislike Amy at first she grew on me. Here’s hoping I like the new companion.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — Season 13 — Pictured: (l-r) Kelli Giddish as Det. Amanda Rollins, Dann Florek as Capt. Donald Cragen, Danny Pino as Det. Nick Amaro, Richard Belzer as Det. John Munch, Ice-T as Det. Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson — Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC

Here’s what else premiered this week:

–       Hawaii Five-O

–       NCIS

–       NCIS: Los Angeles

–       New Girl (2 episodes)

–       Vegas (New Show)

–       Private Practice

–       Criminal Minds

–       Law & Order: SVU (2 episodes)

–       CSI

–       Person of Interest

–       Scandal

–       Elementary (New Show)

–       CSI: NY

–       Grimm (Returned to Fridays)

–       Made in Jersey (New Show)

–       Fringe

–       Bluebloods

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  1. I don’t think they’ll be ending Grey’s Anatomy this season. Possibly next year but, they’re killing off too many of the fan favorites. Obviously, the actors want to move on to other projects. The season opener was really hard to watch with all of the Mark Sloan flashbacks. I kinda wished they did a little more Lexie/Mark ❤ in his final episode.

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