Jo, Stephen and I take a look what comics are coming out tomorrow and pick out three recommendations for you out of the hundreds to hit the shelves every week.

Stephen – Detective Comics #13

This comic sees the beginning of a new arc and a new creative team of Chew writer John Layman and artist Jason Fabok. After the not very well received Tony Daniel run on this title I am looking forward to seeing this new team and what they can bring to one of my favourite Batman titles. This issue features The Penguin, who is a great Batman villain and always entertaining. Detective Comics deserves to be a great comic once again, and I hope with this issue it will begin to achieve that status.

© DC Comics

Jo – Harvest #3

Dr. Benjamin Dane, alcoholic, semi-professional drug user, surgeon…murderer? Wanted by a black market surgical squad and the FBI, with only a Yakuza assassin to protect him (!), will he get to his next patient and ‘extract’ revenge on those who have wronged him? AJ Lieberman’s excellent tale of black market organ harvesting continues with #3 (of 5). Colin Lorimer’s artwork has impressed so far, handling the visceral and mundane deftly. And the freaky kid returns!

© Image Comics

Mark – Daredevil: End of Days #1

This is the first part in an eight issue miniseries focusing on Daredevil’s final days, if you read my previous comic of the week in which I talked my love of the previous run of creators on Daredevil you’ll understand my love the creators on that run and how passionate I feel about Daredevil particularly Bendis’s run on the title. This title could end up being a not just big deal, it could end up being a massive deal as Bendis mentioned in a 2007 interview with CBR“This is in continuity; not too dissimilar to how ‘Dark Knight Returns’ became continuity through sheer force of will. So we put it out there and everybody jumped.” This title has been a long time coming and once I saw the preview pages I was incredibly excited that this project would finally see the light of day. All I can say is you’ll be doing yourself and injustice if you don’t pick this up.

© Marvel Comics

What will you be buying this Wednesday?

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