I am not ashamed to admit that I am a geek. I embrace my quirks – I love showing off my geekiness, and the best way to do it is to stock up on geeky gadgets! Here are 5 geeky gadgets you do not want to miss out on!

Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe

Dr Who Tardis Smart Safe
© IWantOneOfThose.com

This one’s for you Doctor Who fans out there! Check out this awesome smartphone-activated safe! It comes with a smartphone app used to create a 4-digit access code which unlocks the safe when your device is inserted in the top. Simply place your belongings inside, close the safe, and be content in the fact that your possessions are securely locked away.

Dr Who Tardis Smart Safe
© IWantOneOfThose.com

You can buy this over at iwantoneofthose for a not-unreasonable £29.99! The site is also filled with tonnes of useful (and pointlessly fun) gadgets, so make sure you have a browse while you’re at it!

Angry Birds USB Flash Drives

© Staples

Angry Birds has taken the world by storm, and these cute and quirky USB flash drives are great for hardcore fans and computer geeks alike! With 4GB of storage and priced at just £6.99 from Staples, it’s well worth the money. There are a number of designs to choose from, including my personal favourite, King Pig!

© Staples

JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for iPhone

© Think Geek, Inc.

Bring back retro memories with this awesome attachment! The joystick is easy to use and is compatible with thousands of gaming apps (it works with any game with an on-screen control pad). Simply load up your game, stick the JOYSTICK-IT over the control pad, and start playing! (It’s also easily removable, in case you were wondering whether you’d have a joystick just permanently stuck to your screen). ThinkGeek, my go-to-guys for all things geeky are selling this for half price at the moment at just £8.99, so get it while you can!

© Think Geek, Inc.

Broadsword Umbrella 

© GeekStuff4U.com

You may not know this, but it’s not socially acceptable to carry a sword around in public. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous, but rules are rules. For those of you who are as outraged as I am, fear not! Get yourself over to GeekStuff4U and buy one of these bad boys!

© GeekStuff4U.com

Look and feel like a true ninja, and keep yourself dry at the same time. What more could you possibly want?!

Being a ninja isn’t cheap, however, as this badass brolly will set you back $93, roughly £58. It’s also coming to you from Japan – standard shipping is just over $20 (£12). It’s on my Christmas wishlist, if anybody’s feeling generous *wink wink*.

Batman Lunch Bag with Cape 

© Think Geek, Inc.

I don’t know if this is classed as a gadget, but I don’t care! I am in love with this lunch bag! It boasts two compartments, good quality, easy cleaning and it has a freaking cape! ThinkGeek really do cater to a nerd’s needs. Priced at $14.99 (£9ish), your school/workmates will look at you with a mixture of envy and astonishment (not necessarily GOOD astonishment, but astonishment nonetheless) when you pull out this super snackbox!

© Think Geek, Inc.

And there you have it – 5 geeky gadgets to drain your bank balance reassert your inner geek! Note: I will not object to anyone wanting to buy me any/all of these products. No objections at all. Just saying…

Until next time, folks!

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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    1. Since the locking system is controlled by an app, I’m guessing you can just use somebody else’s phone? Providing you remember the 4-digit code, I guess.

      And if you put your phone inside it, you’re an idiot.

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