Detective Comics #13 © DC Comics

As highlighted by Stephen in our ‘Wednesday Watchlist’ feature Detective Comics #13 sees the beginning of a new arc and creative team, consisting of John Layman (Chew) and Jason Fabok (Batman: The Dark Knight), with an 8 issue story entitled “Emperor Penguin”.

Layman recently admitted “everyone who wants to write superheroes wants a stab at Batman at some point”. Thankfully he’s not a fan of decompressed storytelling but the run won’t be eight issues of the Batman and the Penguin going toe to toe – “Batman actually has a brain and uses it to further this case…to write a detective comic, you do need bad guys almost as smart as Batman”.

The cast extends beyond the Penguin – Poison Ivy and Clayface are set to appear early on in the run – and there will be a tie-in with the ‘Death of a Family’ story line. Therefore, Layman says, the arc will be like “Homicide…where you don’t get into the personal life too much. It’s about the job”.

And despite initially suffering from stage fright, each issue has grown a little easier, particularly the crazier the issues become. His attitude of “hey, this is my one shot at Batman – let’s make it awesome” helps and will undoubtedly make for a great read.

Detective Comics #13 hit the shelves this week – October 3rd 

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