Since Geeks Unleashed launched over four months ago, we’ve been lucky enough to interview people within the comic, music, movie and social networking world, but today we bring you our first Google Hangout video interview hosted by myself and fellow Geeks Unleashed writer, Ashley Elizabeth. Most videos are generally edited before hitting the airwaves, but I wanted to bring this to you uncut, I’ll explain in a minute.

Although Lee David Zlotoff has had a very diversified career as a screenwriter, producer and director this is his first venture into the comic book world along with co-writer Tony Lee and illustrator Will Sliney. Lee David was the original creator of the 1980’s Macgyver television series starring Richard Dean Anderson. Fast forward many years later and Tony Lee approached Lee David with a MacGyver comic book pitch. This will take shape in the form of a five issue mini series which will be in comic book stores from Image Comics next week on the 10th October.

When I first heard that one of my favourite television shows as child would be making its way into the comic book world, I was a little bit more than excited. Then, Ashley and I got the chance to interview Lee David, which was even more amazing. During the interview, we got the lowdown on the new mini series and got some great teasers for what should be a great action packed story for a new generation. Lee David also discussed with us the reboot movie, Spitfire Grill, musicals and a whole lot more! The most valuable thing that I learned during this interview is that he is in an extremely honourable and likable man.

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