Plain White Teesh
Source:  Coloring Pages for all Ages

Probably the simplest way to express your inner geek is to buy yourself a t-shirt with your favourite game character, film motif or comic book hero.  But is all this is a little too simple? After all, you are a king/queen of unique! And let’s face it, for us ladies the basic T shape is hardly flattering.  So, here’s my guide on how to grab the most awesome t-range out there, and when it arrives, exactly what to do with it that’s going to make your friends insane with envy.

Where can I get the geekiest t-shirt on the Internet?

I’m going to recommend two sites.  Fancy a t-shirt that combines Pokemon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to produce a Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle? Or maybe just an elaborate illustration of Cloud’s Buster Sword? Fancy a Dr. Who monster (namely The Silence) painted in the style of Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’? Then look no further!

Tee Fury

This is an American site that charges $10 per t-shirt plus P&P.  What’s the catch? You only have 24 hours to purchase that particular t-shirt, and then it is gone forever! The site sells one t-shirt in every 24 hours, but boy do they have some incredible designs.  Check the site every day to get that perfect tee; combining one or more of the geek culture aspects that warms your heart.  (Images taken from the teefury gallery page.)

Loki Koki
Source:  Tee FuryImage

Running on the same principle is the UK-based site Qwertee.

Again, this site boats very reasonable prices at £8 per t-shirt and has the same quality geek based designs as its American sister site.  I don’t want to give too much away by displaying a million designs, because I’d like to think you’ll be shocked at just how good these tees can be; not just for originality but also for their sources.  Both sites collect their designs from people like you.  Geeks with a knack for design.  Come up with a fantastic amalgamation, an unexpected unity of ideas or just simply a brilliant illustration, and you could see your design on the good geek folk of the world! Badass or what?


Okay so these are some cool designs, but t-shirts make me look frumpy :/

Never fear.

There are a million and one tutorials on how to customise your tee, by making them fitted.  This makes a t-shirt fit your every curve girls, as you can adjust the tightness of each part of the back, meaning a tight waist, but looser on the bust. Perfect! ‘Not a good look for winter’ I hear you say? Slip a coloured vest underneath for a colour contrasting layered look to die for.

The best tutorial for this fishnet effect I found here, along with the image:


This is more my style, and to be honest can be done for you guys out there too.  This is much simpler than it looks, although I recommend practise on an old bed sheet, or alternatively print off a stencil. The tutorial for this cool-as-hell-skull can be found here along with the image:


There is also a wealth of ideas on your friendly neighbourhood YouTube, including this one by the gorgeous Kat Von. D of Miami/LA Ink:

Hope this weeks Geek Fashion has enlightened your mind and helped raise your opinion on the humble t-shirt.  Wear them with pride!

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