The Comic Geeks are back with three comics for you to watch out for:

Jo – Point of Impact #1

This week I’d like to highlight Jay Faerber’s Point of Impact #1. I was disappointed to hear that Near Death  had been shelved but was delighted to hear of this new Image Comics miniseries. A four-part crime series, with artist Koray Kuranel, begins with a woman’s murder and then follows the investigation through three people connected to her, her husband, her friend and her lover. I’m buying it for the black and white covers alone – they are incredible. As an aside I’d also like to highlight Chris Ware’s Building Stories; I had chance to give this the once over last week and it’s simply gorgeous. What a week!

© Image Comics

Stephen – Archer & Armstrong #3

Valiant have been quietly putting out some of the best comics on the shelves this year. One of my favourites has been Archer and Armstrong. This Wednesday sees the release of issue #3 of this well written series by Fred Van Lente, with great art by Clayton Henry and Pere Perez. The main characters are brilliant and the differences between them makes for an interesting dynamic. In issue #3 they fight ninja nuns, which will be as fun as it sounds. So give it a shot if you’re not already reading it.

© Valiant Comics

Mark – Uncanny Avengers #1

Charles Xavier’s dream of a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants kicks off in the first of Marvel’s soft reboot/relaunch. Marvel NOW‘s first issue is the combined team of Captain America, Havok, Rogue, Wolverine, Scarlett Witch and Thor written by Rick Remender and illustrated by John Cassaday. Since I became a comicbook fan Marvel was my favourite – that’s right I’m a Marvel Guy and then two(ish) years ago I stopped buying comics due to recession, marriage, baby, mortgage etc. Not that those things have gone away but I can’t keep away from comics so with the NewDC52 I returned to comics however I quickly realised there was nothing that interested me at Marvel so my love has been between indie comics and DC but then Avengers Vs X-Men reared its head and so out of curiosity I picked it up but they’ve begun to draw me back in and with all of the one-word teasers they’ve convinced me to come back. So for me personally this comic and all of the Marvel NOW titles due for release in the coming months could draw me back to the House of Ideas, which I am very excited about.

© Marvel Comics

What will you be getting?

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