Couldn’t make the DC Comics – The New 52: Superman Panel? Not to worry, here’s the news.

Grant Morrison’s departure from Action Comics has spawned a creator merry-go-round, however expect an appearance from Super Doomsday before he leaves.

Tony S Daniel’s Action Comics Promo © DC Comics

Taking over from him will be Andy Diggle and Tony S Daniel. Action Comics #18, which hits the shelves in March, marks the start of their run.

Diggle is “flattered, daunted and inspired” by the opportunity to write DC’s iconic superhero, his story will carve out “spectacular new adventures that respect the past while redefining the future of the Man of Steel”. For Diggle this is an interesting turn, having described himself previously as more ‘capers than capes’. Expect the focus to shift onto Clark Kent and his journalism.

For his part, Daniel says “Superman is a character I’ve wanted to work on for quite a while now” and anticipates this will be “a fun ride for me and hopefully for Superman fans as well”. The promotional art sees Superman return to red, black and silver. Daniel’s a fantastic artist and this had been somewhat obscured by criticism of his run on Detective Comics.

Spanning issues 14 of Superman, Superboy and Supergirl ‘H’el on Earth’ debuts this November, where the Kryptonian crew face maniacal alien H’el.

Whilst the stellar talents Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will join forces next year on an as yet untitled Superman book, one presumes to coincide with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, which is due for release June 14th, 2013.

Jim Lee’s Superman Promo © DC Comics

Snyder, who has worked wonders for Batman and his nemesis the Joker, said recently “I’ve loved Superman since I was a kid…It’s a dream come true for me”.

The new Superman comic will be in continuity with DC’s other Super- titles including –man, -boy, -girl and Action Comics. The new book will also mark Action Comics #1’s 75th anniversary.

Employing a technique used in Batman during Court of Owls storyline, Superman will be “challenged emotionally but also by someone who has a power set that could really bring Superman down physically as well”.

“It’s the Superman story I’d write if I only ever got one chance to write the character. It’s an exploration of everything I love and am fascinated by about him…It’s a character piece for Clark – it’s going to challenge him to his core”.

To quote Lee “2012 is gonna absolutely rock”.

However, not for one of Snyder’s current titles which include American Vampire, Batman and Swamp Thing, one of which is likely to lose the imaginative whiz.

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