All-New X-Men © Marvel Comics

Rick Remender, Dennis Hopeless, Jason Aaron, Peter David and others gathered on Friday at NYCC to discuss the future of Marvel’s mutants.

All-New X-Men will see the original five X-Men come from the past into the present Marvel Universe. It’ll ship biweekly for the first 6 issues, with art by Stuart Immonen and David Marquez.

Jason Aaron reveals that Storm will be joining the cast of Wolverine and the X-Men. And asks for fogiveness regards the latest issue, which I can’t mention further without spoiling.

Turning to Uncanny Avengers and has apparently gone to second print, Rememder states the book is “Captain America’s attempt to step up and help the mutants”. The first arc will feature the Red Skull, who has acquired the brain of Charles Xavier.

The current Uncanny X-Force will end with issue 35 in December.

The new Uncanny X-Force series will start in January, the creative team consisting of Sam Humphries and Ron Garney. Humphries was recently quotes as describing the book like “David Lynch directing a James Bond film”.

Frank Cho’s Savage Wolverine is described as “babes, brawls and brachiosaurs”.

Peter David is fast approaching his 100th consecutive issue on X-Factor, which will launch a storyline entitled ‘The Hell on Earth War’ – sparked by the birth of the seventh billion human and hints that by the end of the arc “every character in the Marvel universe is going to be gunning for X-Factor”.

Whilst Gambit will continue to romance the ladies.

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