Announced at the Cup O’ Joe panel at the NYCC 2012; Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada announced that the Guardians of the Galaxy helmed by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Steve McNiven Nova written by Jeph Loeb and on pencils; Ed McGuiness would both return in February 2013.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1                                                © Marvel Comics

During the mid-credits section of this summer’s Avengers movie Thanos made his movie debut which the general public didn’t really get but to the comic book fanboy and fangirl was shocking indeed, it has been reported by Cosmic Book News that Thanos will be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie before the Avengers sequel. With the movie Guardians getting the spotlight, it only makes sense that Marvel would also be building on their Marvel NOW initiative and expanding their cosmic line; the new title will have all the classic characters you know and love – Gamora, Drax, Starlord, Groot and Rocket Raccoon and a big twist is that Iron Man would be donning a space suit and joining the team. Guardians of the Galaxy will return in February with a 0.1 issue followed in March by issue #1. Marvel have seen a lot their movie universe and comic book universe borrowing from each other with Agent Coulson and Nick Fury Jr coming to the comic book universe and the Avengers Assemble comic book using the same cast of the movie title so it wouldn’t be too much of a jump to think that Marvel could be introducing Iron Man into this comic before joining the cast in the movie. If this happened it would make sense as it would help to draw in fans of Iron Man to see this movie.

Joe Quesada also announced that a new character – teenager; Sam Alexander will be Nova which is most likely to appeal to fans of Ultimate Spider-Man the cartoon series. Quesada also stated that there would be further cosmic titles on the way.

Stayed tuned for more announcements as they come.

Thanos in his movie debut:

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